“There’s just something about the morning air that makes me sick” -Ryan Howard

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5 days ago

I am so lucky to love these humans ❤️

3 weeks ago

Here’s to 21 years and a lovely future❤️

April 2019

Quick update: I have been recovering from gallbladder removal for the last 5 weeks! Doing better now, and can’t help but smile through the last few weeks of the semester! 🌼🌻🌿🌺

January 2019

I won a round in a card game because I took this picture earlier, that calls for a celebratory Instagram post! I hope everyone’s 2019 has gone well thus far, and I can’t wait to see what this year brings❤️ A check-in on my 2018 resolution: last year I posted a photo that requested I love myself more throughout 2018 and I am happy to report I have done just that 🕺🏼

December 2018

Happy 21st birthday Zachary Jay ❤️ I’m so glad I got to spend the day with you! We had so much fun getting free breakfast, going to a pawn shop to get DVD’s, grabbing a few Christmas decorations, playing Red Dead Redemption 2, watching Shark Tank, and eating pizza & brownies. I can’t wait to spend so many more birthdays with you and I really hope the Bayou on Barker is all that you’ve ever dreamed of 😊❤️ I love you so much!!

August 2018

Today was absolutely wonderful ❤️🎉

January 2018

This year’s goal is to remain as happy as I am in this picture and to get a little better at loving myself ❤️

November 2017

Autumn.. the year's last, loveliest smile 🍁🍂

October 2017

Happy Boyfriend Day, boyfriend ❤️ thanks for putting up with me😘

September 2017

The koi pond is an extremely serene place on campus. We started thinking about how some of those fish have been on this planet longer than either of us, and that's pretty awesome🐠

August 2017

I love you 💕

August 2017

Celebrated 23 months together, yesterday. And today he is on his way up to Vancouver ❤️ I'll meet you up there, love!

August 2017

Little update: I have been working a whole lot of hours at Forever 21 the last month, tonight Zac gets to work the big screen camera at the Northern Quest concert, and life is pretty good.

July 2017

My tongue is as blue as Otto! #spokaneindians Thanks for the invite @dankaf_patterson ❤️💙 #spokaneindians

June 2017

If this doesn't represent how happy we are to be together this summer, I don't know what does😊 Also, we just passed the 20 month mark and pretty much forgot to celebrate.. whoops! Thanks JP for the photo ❤️

June 2017

Yes, we are still alive. Yes, we are still in love ❤

May 2017

I realized I haven't posted anything since I've been back home, so enjoy this relaxing video ❤❤

April 2017

""Sorry for the quality, it's hard to get a good picture of our feet when we are in different countries"" I just wanted to let y'all know how much I appreciate this young man. He has almost completed his first year of college (two more finals and that's it!! ) and he has made a few really good friends along the way!! He tries every single day to make sure I'm happy and I'm okay. And whenever he gets the chance, he will remind me of how great I am (though our opinions differ ). He knows what he wants to do with his life and is on the path to get there, which is absolutely amazing! He is incredibly kind-hearted and adorable. He is always open to try new things (except food ) and always striving to be a better version of himself. He is an awesome person to talk to, once you get him out of his shell. And an overall fantastic human. Zac, I love you so much. I know you're sleeping right now so you'll see this first thing tomorrow, but you mean so incredibly much to me. You have my heart, and it is such an honor to call you my boyfriend ❤

March 2017

As of today, it's been 18 months since you asked me to be your girlfriend in front of the entire school. It's been 548 days of happiness and 548 days of love. When I break it down into that number, it doesn't seem like much. But it's been the best 548 days. The last 208 days have been tough. We have been in different countries for about 187 of those days, but I know we will survive this stretch. We've made it almost through the year, and we've only got 45 more days until both of us are back home in Spokane. I want to thank everyone that has believed in us and everyone that has ever offered words of affirmation to either one of us. I want to thank the many people that have seen us on FaceTime with each other (which is usually about 12 hours a day ) and not poked fun. I want to thank my close friends ((you guys know who you are ) ) for letting me vent to you when I'm having a hard time dealing with the miles keeping us apart. I want to thank all of the adults in our life that have believed in us instead of placing bets on when we would break up. Most of all, I want to thank Zac. You've seen me at my absolute worst this year. Yet you still love me with all your heart. You love me the only way you know how. You have opened up to me so much since September 23rd, 2015. I tell you this all the time, but I really cannot express in words how much I appreciate that. It's been six months since our first anniversary, which is crazy because it feels like yesterday. That may be due to us not being physically together, or it may be because "time flies when you're in love with your best friend". That's a saying right? Anyhow, I guess I'm trying to say Happy One and A Half Anniversary! I love you so much. I will see you at the airport tomorrow night, lovely❤

February 2017

Really missing this boy, even though he's been gone for only five days. ((We took a picture with my campus' famous Star Trees, we had to ) )

February 2017

Just your favorite regular feet picture from your favorite couple #anarchy

January 2017

"Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean you can't choose to love them" -Houston Kraft ((ps really miss having the opportunity to see @houstonkraft at conferences/assemblies. But college is important I guess?? ) )

January 2017

Why does this picture look like I'm using a Snapchat filter? Also why is my boyfriend looking at me like that? Anyways. I got to spend two weeks with my cute ginger elf and it was so nice after having been apart. I love you so much Zachary Jay.

January 2017

Happy New Year! Hopefully we don't shoot another gorilla this year.. 🦍

December 2016

Today's your birthday!! I love you so so much and I wish I could be there with you to celebrate 19 years of your life, but I know you're gonna have a GREAT time with your brother!! I hope your day is awesome and you don't throw up😘😘 Happy Birthday Zachary Jay Hanson ❤️

December 2016

Can we talk about how lucky I am?

November 2016

You saw it here first folks. Anarchy was together for 43 hours. And of course we got a foot picture. Also yes it was just as hard saying goodbye this time as it was in August.

November 2016

It's days like these when I wish he was with me ❤️

October 2016

Reminder that I love and appreciate you, and we only have 30 more days until we are together ❤️ @beatbot3000

October 2016

Even from 300 miles apart, the foot pictures must continue. Update on college for Anarchy: it's the little things that we miss the most about each other. Like when one of us is sleepy and the breathing of that person gets slow. And also just getting to hold his hand. Basically we are just really excited to see each other for the two short days we get together over Thanksgiving Break ❤️

September 2016

This video was taken one year ago today. 365 days. 52 weeks. 12 months. It's been 12 months of #Anarchy and I can't even believe it. Not because the love isn't there. The love is there. The love is strong. The love is unconditional. But because it hasn't felt like an entire year. It feels like two days ago he was picking me up at my house, having been lost twice on the way, to go see American Graffiti at the Drive-in with Justin and Dalton. It feels like I'm still trying to get him to ask me to be his girlfriend. But today it has been one year since that happened. Zac. I love you so so much. I know we are 300 miles apart today. (I double checked and it's exactly 300; 6 hours 21 minutes ) But I hope you can feel my love all the way up in Canada. I've been thinking about this day for so long. And I know you've heard all about it. Many many times. But you mean so incredibly much to me. You have shown me compassion exactly when I needed it. You have given me hope when I needed it. You have shown me what it's like to lead a positive lifestyle and I know I frustrate you sometimes when you're trying to teach me that one but it's hard. You have shown me affection in every way you know how. And most importantly, you have cared about me in a way nobody else has or will. Zachary Hanson. Thank you. Thank you for everything you have done for me. This year has been amazing. And I cannot wait to see what life brings us. We can handle it. We will always hold this love. And no matter what happens I will always love you with my entire being. I can't wait to see you and give you a big giant hug and a really sweet kiss, for now you've just gotta imagine me being there. But in 64 days I will be able to wrap my arms around you and I promise it'll be worth it. I love you so much Zachary Jay. Happy One Year, my love❤️

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