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Eu na vida

2 days ago

Complicado - @vitao

4 days ago


4 days ago

Alô? @leosantana

5 days ago

Happy birthday to my dad, manager, friend, brother @brandonsilv after so many years, I found the person I've always dreamed about. And God was great sending me you. Thank you. Enjoy your day , please (stop answering the work group chat ) 🙏🏼

6 days ago

Minha cara hoje

2 weeks ago

Caso a gente não atenda hoje já sabe... @leosantana Contatinho

2 weeks ago

Pasé momentos maravillosos colaborando con @ipanemaespana , @ipanema_italia y @ipanema_colombia , creando videos musicales increíbles para mi último proyecto KISSES e imágenes increíbles. ¡Manténganse conectados! #AlwayNew #AlwaysIpanema #Ipanema_Anitta #ad

2 weeks ago

Queria estar assim na cama que eu gosto. Cheia de cachorro em volta. @nylon_spain

2 weeks ago

No dia da Amazônia usamos a visibilidade da cantora para seguir dando evidência ao assunto mais importante do mundo: a natureza. Amazônia em Chamas! O que está acontecendo? Qual a relação entre fogo e desmatamento? Existem queimadas naturais na floresta? Confira a explicação da Ane Alencar, diretora de Ciência do @ipam_amazonia e especialista em queimadas na Amazônia, nesta produção da IMAGINÁRIA para o @observatoriodoclima #SemanaAmazonia #lutepelamazonia #semflorestasemclima #observatoriodoclima #SOSAmazonia #TodosPelaAmazônia #BrasilEmChamas #342Amazonia

2 weeks ago

👄💄 @nylon_spain

2 weeks ago

La exacta definición de la palabra hermano. Feliz cumple @machadorenan te amo mucho

2 weeks ago

Can you see through? @nylon_spain

2 weeks ago

Alguien más encantado con el contenido de la @nylon_spain ?

2 weeks ago

Arriba España @nylon_spain

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

My night with him. 😍 @olivier_rousteing Hosting the @balmain party in Brazil... cuz party is something I know how to do 😎

3 weeks ago

Calma, não voltamos no tempo. Sou só eu amando os anos 90 com meu novo #OZWEEGO / Relax... no hemos regresado en el tiempo. Amo como lucen las #OZWEEGO con mi look 90s. #OZWEEGO #creadoconadidas

4 weeks ago

Como prometido

4 weeks ago

Little Square UBitchU - @snoopdogg feat Anitta

5 weeks ago

That's my family waking me up today telling me @mariahcarey followed me. For the ones who don't know, my 2 aunts and my mom were obsessed about her. So when I was born I was the best student ever for them and became an even better fan. That's why I started to say I wanted to be a singer so early in life. My uncle use to present us every Christmas with a new MC cd and we always use to celebrate going craaaaaazy. (Cuz in that time we didn't have money to buy ourselves ). So this one and only cd of hers of the year used to spend one week in each of us' houses. And I use to go to their houses with the cd to keep listening lol. (When I got money I bought 2 of each cd for us so we could listen as much as we wanted. ) When she came to Brazil, we didn't have money to go see. I remember me listening to her concert on the radio crying cuz I wasn't there. My birthday is 2 days after hers and sometimes we use to celebrate her birthday with mine lol. When I could finally have enough money to travel all the family to see her show, everytime I tried some shit happened and we couldn't make it (sorry for some empty front seats u must have seeing sometimes. It was ours and we were as pissed as u probably were seeing that was empty. ) I don't give a fuck that it's just a Instagram follow stuff. I'm not trying a feat, not trying a meet, I’m not trying an answer here... actually I'm not trying shit. I'm just sharing how crazy is life. I grew up with her in my heart every day as my inspiration from very very far away and now she knows who the fuck I am. That's crazy as fuck.

last month

Fuego, fuego @djsnake @duttypaul @tainy

last month

I wish I was shaking my ass with this song at some party tonight getting drunk as fuck. But I'm on flight stuff jet lagged and gettin fucked by period cramps 🤷🏽‍♀️ it is what it issss brooooooo. Still smiling tho

last month

Yep... I think I just found my soul mate 🤷🏽‍♀️ ... Oi, Brasil, o bonde das funkeiras vai crescer, bom dia. @iamcardib

last month

Just checking on who is coming to my show tomorrow in Long Beach - California

last month

"Don't you start that Fuego" 🔥

last month

Hoje é dia de parar Portugal. 💕

last month

Hey, London, you coming to my show tonight? Love it @slimimag The Freedom Issue with @anitta Photographer / creative director @urivaldolopes Styling @edemdl Make up & hair @henriquem85 Assistant light #thomasclodinedlorent Casting director @nycbcg Editor @slimi7 Production @stampa_comunicacao #slimimagazine #slimi #slimimag #anitta

last month

Ya escuchaste Fuego hoy? @djsnake @duttypaul @tainy

last month

Cover @marieclairebr

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