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That new new @fentybeauty Pro Filt’r Hydrating Foundation just dropped and it is delightful - I like looking like I been dipped in coconut oil and this foundation is glowy and natural without being greasy. Bless u mutha @badgalriri for coming all the way thru 💧 #fentyfamily

2 days ago


2 weeks ago

This is my Hollywood face

3 weeks ago

Fresh hot summer boy

4 weeks ago

Wow this is so sweet to see. This song I put up on soundcloud scored last nite’s episode of @euphoria 🌠 best darn music video I could’ve asked 4! I just put it up on apple music and spotify too - it’s called Be Mine 🦋

last month

“Afropunk Bathroom” Mixed Metals, 2019

last month

I hope when my future child stumbles across this image while viewing a thousand images a second with the software installed in their brain they think it’s cool vintage content to add to the personalized virtual world that has replaced their crumbling reality

last month

The Eddy feat Julie and Elliot

last month

Happy pride 🍭 I think I look like me here : )

last month


June 2019

This account is so stressful to me, but c’est la vie here I am in Paris working on my new project and my weave is itchy #seabreeze

May 2019

Steve mufuggin the kid that did Lacy, U DID THAT! Schteeeve your debut album is innovative honest and resplendent. I feel blessed to witness ur vibrant unfolding let alone be a lil piece of it. (me n Steve recorded a voice memo of us playing guitar and violin one hazy summer afternoon and now u can find it on Apollo XXI 🧚🏽‍♀️ ) oki, love u. 🖤

May 2019

For the fridge

May 2019

Nobody: I want a law & order remix me: link in biboo

May 2019

BLK NWS by Kahlil Joseph at the Venice Biennale. Thank you Kahlil for being my mentor and inviting me to be a collaborator on this innovative and COLORful work / shoutout to the whole BLKNWS fam - “A moving, funny, and aspirational vision of what media might look like if it were not, as White says, “whitewashed and biased,” and rather more creative and reflective of the world we live in and the history that shaped it. ... BLKNWS is a two-channel video that imagines a cable news network animated by a cosmopolitan, culturally omnivorous, politically engaged, art-loving, and intellectual black sensibility—a bit like if BET merged with CNN and then merged with Artforum and the New is presented as an uninterrupted flow of images, clips, segments, and pop music in a way that gives it an associative artistic quality...” - Andrew Goldstein, Artnet

May 2019

FENTY FACE 🤩 Thank u for having me @fentybeauty 🖤 BEAUTY FOR ALL 🖤 and more to come. #fentyfamily

May 2019

Hi hooligans

May 2019

♥️♥️Marsai♥️♥️ I hold you in reverence, absolute awe and alllll the love. Congratulations to this queen on her monumental move - LITTLE

May 2019

AHHHH THANK YOU to @naacpimageawards for presenting me with Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture! I couldn’t be there because I need to be with family right now but please know I’m sending my gratitude through the airwaves ~~~ I wanna dedicate this to my family, both gifted and chosen. Thank you for driving me to countless auditions after school and spending countless hours in waiting rooms. Thank you @mulattochic84 for teaching me how to blow bubblegum before my Juicy Fruit audition (we didn’t get that one but I think we can let that go now ), thank you to my village for instilling self belief in me with your love, and thaaaank you to my @thehateugivemovie family for challenging me, teaching me, goin thru it with me, celebrating with me, and gifting me with an experience I will carry in my heart for the rest of my life.

April 2019

@karifaux I luuuuuh ya. Do urself a favor and go peep her new EP “Cry 4 Help” (and listen for my violin on Night Time ) 🎻

March 2019

Brown skin brown face brown leather brown sugar

last month

Living legend

February 2019

Lil dewdrop to my left

January 2019

Sometimes I️ think about Brand Continuity & then I’m like..why have 1 hairstyle when black hair has capacity for infinite textures and I️ got infinite facets of self Maybe I’ll just be an illusive shapeshifting wizard Plus the feds can’t track me 😈 Tonight’s lay courtesy of @vernonfrancois I’m blessed

January 2019

Our bags? Packedt.

January 2019

Hiiya nerds I cut together some clips from Hunter x Hunter to mi song Be Minez and it’s up on my YouTube now to watch late night when ur in ur feelings, when u are suitably faded or perhaps all of the above. Link in bio 🙇🏽‍♀️

January 2019

She sessy tonite

January 2019

This is just a hand eye coordination flex

January 2019

the hate u give is out on digital today 💻

January 2019

I️ Hastily Booked A Spirit Airlines Flight And The Plane Was Actually A Medium Sized Inflatable Balloon

January 2019


January 2019

Give me ur worst I️ can take it

December 2018

by my baby boop @zoedlawrence

October 2018

A poster for @thehateugivemovie that never made it. Our ode to Pac ofc ♥️ Woooowwzaaa thank you thank you to u guys who have gone out to see it this past week. The love is so real 🤧

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