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Manifesto Figuring it out is hard and I’m sorry/ It aint about you/ Burn Babylon/ Yah pussy ah da wettest/ Swear by the moment/grey sheep/LISTEN/....

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2 days ago

Coming from LOVE ❤️ not going back and forth with you

4 days ago

August 23rd #onefamalay when I tell you we bringing something special we bringing something real special @colourscarnivalltd @socaholicuk @fitzjack

4 days ago

Summer program at @emalinofficial a collaboration with #performers #musicians #rockstars #parties throughout August till Sept 6th begins August 1st with @shamelpitts

6 days ago

Ride slow homie you never know homie

2 weeks ago

🇬🇩 Aug 23rd #mrkilla #onefamalay @ucomcarnival @socaholicuk @fitzjack

2 weeks ago

🇬🇩 Aug 23rd

2 weeks ago

I think the NYtimes and many of its reporters have had a long history of been intellectual and emotionally lazy and self serving but Sabrina Tavernise @stavernise checked her political agenda and listened and then had an amazing exchange with #nataliekitroeff Great podcast about why a huge chunk of folks who voted for Obama then Voted for trump and why this center left Democratic Clinton Joe Biden Nafta Free trade TPP neoliberal etc has added hugely to this crisis that has resulted in Trump. He is a consequence and catalyst. We need better leadership. Also on another Note maybe will change my mind but I like the idea of a Warren/Harris ticket

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3 weeks ago

You can whip your Porsche

3 weeks ago

Someone let my twin know I’m out here

4 weeks ago

Issy wood Julia Peyton Jones Jennifer Higgie and myself speak about making Monday June 24th at 5:30 at Thaddaeus Ropac

5 weeks ago

@kaosblac #badbrains

last month

The competition

last month

happy bday

last month

London mark your calendar. This is so special. #mrkilla #nottinghillcarnival Grenada 🇬🇩 more in the lineup to come

May 2019

Yo this 18 year old kid told me yesterday I look like if Tyler the Creator and ASAP Rocky had a baby together hahaa

May 2019

The days when the studio and shit got you in ur feelings but then you gotta remind urself where the fuck you come from was so real that this is all gravy 🙏🏿🙏🏿 can’t wait to put out what the cuz @fitzjack and Me cooking up for y’all Carnival weekend. Grenada 🇬🇩 Stand Up Trinidad 🇹🇹 St. Vincent Jamaica 🇯🇲 stand up. Been a min but I’m coming back like a rubber band

May 2019

Notes on painting. One day I want to have a few classics. This is no swipe against KAWS who I think is making work that reflects the growth of hip Pop which I think makes him a really good maker cause where he comes from and I never will be mad at artist for reflecting where he comes from. Pointing out differences isn’t an attack

May 2019

#wip ”worked all day as a garbageman so they could stay fresh and send money back home”

May 2019

A lot of black folks say fuck the police and watching this and thinking about the police as a function of the state born out of Slavery and today functions as a place of punishment not accountability and healing

May 2019

Please aim Straight. A gang of collaborative paintings between @tuh_nesta and myself #TtxAB @emalinofficial @tuh_nesta September

April 2019

This my shit for real

April 2019

Finally found a logic that suggests multiple forms of stillness and movement im very excited about what’s in this painting

April 2019

Rastaman t shirts coming September #bujubanton something bigger coming to Nottinghill Carnival @fitzjack 🙏🏿🙏🏿

April 2019

bro and me talking painting like it’s 2012

April 2019

Deadass I’m a Christian and believe very much in forgiveness but I will never fuck with Joe Biden and any of the people black white green people with power who back then and today have decided that hurt people (fathers daughter sons children moms ) need to be punished and locked away. I believe in accountability and healing and community.i love black people I love poor people I love brown people I love everybody and that means at your lowest I will always advocate for your healing for ability to be whole. Joe Biden and all those in power trusted to make the best decisions for the global community cause America is part of the global community those with power who advocated for locking people up for punishment need to find out how to be accountable to those people those communities and be in those communities doing ground work for these folk’s healing. I use to be a social worker worked with children who had been locked up and were trying to reintegrate back in society. I saw failures and demons that I couldn’t imagine. Kids who were so used to hurt and violence that every situation was read through those lens. I saw kids fight their way out of those place through health engagement accountability and love. The highest concentration of rape survivors is in prison. From them I learnt how rape can fuck you up. You lock a kid up at a time when they are developing social skills and norm and then expect that somehow that person will be a healthy individual. You cannot love black people you cannot love brown people you cannot love poor people and believe in prison. That is a lie that has been told and inherited from slavery. To believe in prison is Love a tribe, your tribe and tribe I’ve learnt a lot of times did include those I love, they are not part of your tribe even if I am and I will never go anywhere without my brother. Those of us not in power who live in communities have to unlearn the lie that concerns for victims should be displayed for calls for punishment and imagine a society of accountability and hold our leadership to those standards.

April 2019


April 2019

#derrickalexiscoard I grew up in the black gospel christian tradition which is full of hope and to a fault hold on to we keep our heads high things are gonna get better we gonna work till things get better. It’s a refuge for whatever happened in the world to you, it’s alright, God’s got a plan. Im not a cynical person that has always felt like it comes from a white Gen X middle class tradition. Those are very different traditions, formed from different history two different experiences and produce very different art. South Park is cynical. tekashi69 is cynical, DMX isn’t cynical, Ghostface isn’t cynical, Tupac wasn’t cynical Nipsey Hussle wasn’t cynical they were Gospel based and full of hope. As a black person who makes art that’s my tradition.

April 2019

I’ve taught about what it means to be a live and to die free since 93

April 2019

#happy 25 years most complete masterpiece created in my life time

April 2019

Street find #bujubanton

April 2019

New gap who this?

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