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All I do is listen to twenty one pilots, I’m not interesting at all

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May 2019

thats cute

May 2019

we love the view

April 2019

get fit or feel like 😞☹️

April 2019

my body is made of coke and trash

February 2019


February 2019

ki wega guys

January 2019

cant relate

May 2019

okay im going to do this because i've been extremely happy recently which hasn't happened in forever. although i feel an anxiety attack forming inside me, it feels right, you know? here's a little story: this year i decided to sue my father. (crazy, right? ) the one man that hurt me the most in my whole entire life and the reason i have really bad social anxiety & depression for 11 years. someone who emotionally destroyed me. long story short: i won the court battle : ) - i look at this as an achievement for me that will help me overcome (at least a little ) all of my problems and will help my future. so my tip to you is, if you are silently suffering, please take an action no matter how small it is, if it means it will help you. it is a scary thing to open up about, fucks sake ive been trying to write this ever since i woke up, but it will be worth it trust me. although my father was/is a shitty man he taught me some things too. he taught me how i should never treat my children and how to be a good parent in the future. how i shouldnt lie, because lying is painful. i learned from a very young age how i should treat people and keep the ones i love extremely close and truly cherish them. recently, i realised how important self-love actually is and that you shouldn't depend completely on someone, which i constantly did. (we are not close anymore but i will forever be grateful to have met you. dont know if you will read this but, sup? right? ) - work on yourself, become a better you, prove people who dont believe in you wrong. love yourself first before you can love someone else. its something extremely hard to do, no pressure, you got this. if you ever want to talk to someone, you dont know me, but trust me you can talk to me, i will try my best to listen to you because i know how much it sucks to have no one to talk to about it. because nothing is more important than your happiness. be kind to everyone, you dont know what they're going through behind closed doors. dont treat people the way you wouldnt want to be treated.

September 2018

That's Leia, she likes being held like a baby and gets angry when she doesn't get what she wants (the dog, not me, im allison btw )

August 2018


July 2018

i spot a sugar daddy sleeping🤔

July 2018

your sweetheart

March 2019


April 2017

Ah, the smell of salt and sand with the sound of the waves slamming against the rocks. Always so blessed to live in such a beautiful island🌴🌵🌊❤

March 2016


November 2015


May 2018

You know, im super obsessed with Wonderland🍃🌲🐇

October 2015

Trust me, it is so cool waking up at 6am and seeing the sunrise with a big cloud in form of a thumbs up in the sky

June 2015

probably only beach picture i will ever post😋

March 2015

you should be here.