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2 days ago

Enjoying this beautiful Sunday afternoon as #alifewithaviewblog celebrates 6 years this month. One blog and 3 books later, here we are and the future is very bright! The celebration will continue here and on social media all month long and for the rest of the Summer. Today I am celebrating with a few ladies from the most recent book collaboration which was released on May 11, 2019 - Little Girls Dreams. Stop by the link in my bio for my most recent blog post and check out the website. Stay tuned for more and an exciting announcement from A Life With A View in the coming weeks. @inspiringcreativepassion ✨💫

last month

A huge Thank You to our visionary, Michelle of @moment2inspire for bringing together some of the most phenomenal women for an awesome and inspiring book collaboration. We gathered today for our book signing at the historic Wiley H. Bates Legacy Center in Annapolis, MD. The rich history of the Wiley H. Bates Legacy Center was presented to us and we took it all in with smiles, laughter, and gratitude. I am truly grateful to be part of this collaboration and it was so nice to see and meet all of the ladies in person. Our speakers were so inspiring and pushed us into action to continue following our dreams. These past few weeks leading up to the book signing & gathering have been a whirlwind with everything from senior night to graduation for my son and my daughter wrapping up her transition to middle school. With this book collaboration and as you march on in your life, I encourage you to follow your dreams and go after what inspires you and what makes your heart leap for joy. To learn more about this inspiring journey, stop by the link in my bio and check out our book, Little Girls Dreams.✨💫

March 2019

Had a ball in the Big Apple with these ladies. Celebrating @vertically_blessed birthday & always great to see @trevble29 🎂💞 Until next time ladies...

December 2018

It’s Christmas Eve ❤️ 📸 taken by me at The Grand Moon Palace in Cancun in November 2018. Happy Holidays everyone! 🎄

September 2018

New post on the blog on this Fall Sunday. Stop by the link in my bio to read the full post on “A Change of Season”. Find out how four years ago today A Life With View Book was born and how I came up with the blog by the same name. Having time to write this weekend allowed me to fully transition into this season. How are you enjoying your Sunday?✨💫 📸 @jeanbphotography makeup: @focusonmebeauty

September 2018

What a great Summer! And, here we are just like that - Fall is now here. In the Maryland area, it certainly does not feel like Fall just yet and wait and see...the change of season will be here before we know it. This picture of me reflecting on the last few weeks and months says so much. From writing to vacations to doing stuff with and for my kids - this was all on my mind during my most recent photo shoot for my website. Oh yes, new pictures and cover pages are up on the website! - link in bio {Thank you for asking 😊} I think my next blog post will be “A Change of Season” so stay tuned. Meanwhile stop by the website and check out the new pictures, the blog, and let’s stay in touch. Happy Fall! 🍁🍂

July 2018

I couldn’t let this day end without saying Happy 5-year Anniversary to A Life With A View! 5 years ago today I started blogging and began my book writing journey. So many people to thank for supporting me and just you being here warms my heart. Thank you! ❤️✨💫

June 2018

Taking care of yourself on the inside is just as important as caring for yourself on the outside. Tell yourself good things, always.✨💫 #weekendinspiration

June 2018

What does your self-discovery look like? For me, self-discovery is taking on a new challenge; something I thought I couldn’t do or something I didn’t think I had the confidence to do like market my brand. You don’t have to have it all figured out. Open your mind and let your journey be the guide.✨💫

June 2018

Weekend Inspiration is back every Friday this Summer! So glad to be back and connecting with each of you. So, where have I been? Well, I’m a mom of 2 wonderful kids who keep me pretty busy with their activities + a working mom with a demanding job & I was taking a marketing class which wraps up next week. I also had the opportunity to attend a few networking events in person & sell some books. Now I’m catching my breath a bit & gearing up for what’s next for A Life With A View. Today’s post is so timely. It’s June 1st and Siobhan of @befreeproject just launched her BeFree Inner Circle and I love celebrating the wins of others doing great things. Check out my previous post & my IG story for more. Also, stop by the link in my bio for my latest blog post & the link to

June 2018

Happy June 1st! The start of a new month brings exciting things such as sharing with women how to get unstuck and free. I am a member of the BeFree Squad and we are a team of women who assists Siobhan ( @befreeproject ) with the BeFree Inner Circle. The BeFree Inner Circle is an online space for women to learn how to get unstuck and be free. Come join us! Learn more at

May 2018

Stay tuned right here as June 1st is near! As promised, Weekend Inspiration begins here and over on @inspiringcreativepassion where I will share Weekend Inspiration quotes every Friday for you to carry with you through your weekend and into the next week. As a special bonus for this weekend, I will share something extra special from a friend and fellow creative. Stay tuned here and in IG Stories!✨💫

May 2018

Happy Wednesday and I am so glad you are here! It has been a while since I’ve posted here and on social media. I’m Lynda of #alifewithaviewblog I have been doing some things behind the scenes with networking events and selling my books. My kids have been keeping me busy with their activities and seeing them grow warms my heart. We are looking forward to Summer and all the activities - planned and unplanned. Starting June 1st, I will be running my Weekend Inspiration posts here and over on @inspiringcreativepassion With school wrapping up for the kids, I look forward to catching up and collaborating with you soon.✨💫 📸 @jeanbphotography

March 2018

Blog & Basketball - yep, that’s me. A blogger who supports her son in basketball. The blog is an inspirational theme and today’s new post is about change. Being able to shift gears and be flexible while supporting our kids and loved ones allows me to focus on doing what I love also. Check out this new post on change: a not so scary thought. Link in bio.👆🏼 Thank you for reading!✨💫

March 2018

I am so thankful to have the time to write. With so many demands on my time, I still managed to somehow find the time to relax, get the thoughts out of my head and on paper, and reflect on things which are outside of my control. Most times, it is all in how you approach and handle a situation. This is why I love writing as it is so soothing in so many ways. Having a comfortable space, good notes, thoughts in my head, and my devices is all I need sometimes. Here’s to writing goals on this Wednesday. What are you up to? { Photo: @createherstock } ✨💫

February 2018

Happy Sunday! It is a rainy day here in the Washington, D.C. area. Before I head out to see #blackpanther for the second time, I am up early getting some writing in and moving forward with my goals. Last month and a good part of this month, I was on the road with my kids and their activities. I am working my way to my writing goals before the first quarter of 2018 comes to a close. Did I fall behind? Yes...! Way behind and I am catching up. That happens sometimes; we fall behind. Don't be too hard on yourself. Remain positive and be inspired to do what you love. It is not a race and it's ok to go at your own pace and be great. Check out the link in my bio to see all the things happening at #alifewithaview including a new book collaboration and pre-orders are now in progress. Thank you for being here and let me know what you are up to today. {Photo credit: @createherstock }

January 2018

When in New York, let us dress as New Yorkers. #moviequote #alifewithaview #weekendinspiration #inspiringcreativepassion #blogger

January 2018

Three years ago today, A Life With A View book was born. This is the first book in the series with Inspiring Creative Passion as the second book in the series. Grab your copies today on the website in our newly updated shop: Happy Reading! 📖✨💫

January 2018

Happy Saturday! It is a cold and frozen day here in the DC area. Burr! I'm keeping warm for now and planning some content for #alifewithaviewblog I began 2018 by celebrating my birthday and then I got sick with the flu. Yikes! I'm all better now and digging into content and website updates. I'm super excited about this year and what's to come. My word for 2018 is Connected and I plan to build on the in-person and virtual connections I've made since starting the blog. Goals for 2018 include building on the marketing plan for #alifewithaview and also journal consistently. I also plan to grow the @inspiringcreativepassion movement. What about you? Share what you are up to and stay tuned this weekend for new blog posts and the first newsletter of 2018. Stop by the link in my bio for more.👆🏼 📸 @createherstock

January 2018

Happy New Year! May this be your best year yet! 🎉🎉✨💫

December 2017

Here is my #2017bestnine for #alifewithaviewblog and what a year it has been. Complete with triumphs and some setbacks, I would say this has been a learning and growing year for me in so many ways. I have had fun, met some great people, connected with some amazing people, and I plan to keep going in 2018. Thank you so much for being here and following this journey and I look forward to connecting more with you in the very near future. My word for 2018 is Connected. Peace and Much Love as we inch closer to the new year.❤✨💫

December 2017

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! 🌲🎁

December 2017

And, we are back! Our writing challenge is still going with only two Sundays left. Be sure to follow @inspiringcreativepassion to follow the #inspiringcreativepassion movement here and on social media. I am a day late this week and still going. It was a very busy weekend with kids activities so tonight I will jump right into embracing this busy season of change. Stop by the link in my bio for tips on embracing change and find out how I embraced change through many seasons.✨💫

December 2017

We are half way through the Inspiring Creative Passion Writing Challenge as of this past Sunday. I am a little late posting here as I've slowly been getting back in the swing of things since returning from Miami. Much needed R&R. How are you coming along? I cannot believe we are in our second week of December with only three Sundays left in 2017! Don't worry, you can still join us for this writing challenge here and also over on @inspiringcreativepassion and on Twitter using the hashtag: #inspiringcreativepassion Stop by the blog, leave a comment, and find out what words inspire me to keep going: One post for the last 7 Sundays in 2017. Visit the website for more details: ✨💫

December 2017

Welcome to December! We are moving right along with the 7-week blog post series and I am happy to have you here. Can you believe it is week 3 already? I am so happy to see all of the buzz around this writing challenge and the connection to #inspiringcreativepassion This week's prompt focuses on beauty, strength and self-worth. The latest post is on the blog. What's your take on this topic? Leave a comment below and head over to the blog for more: {Link also in bio👆🏼} You can still join this writing challenge and we are happy to meet you where you are. One post for the last 7 Sundays in 2017. Visit the website for more details: and head over @inspiringcreativepassion for more info. ✨💫

December 2017

Happy Sunday from Miami! Enjoying my #tallsisters #talltribe ~ More pics soon! 😘

November 2017

Here we are at Week 2 of the Inspiring Creative Passion Writing Challenge. No worries if you didn't get to week one and you can still stop by the blog right here to check out both posts: {Also see the link in my bio👆🏼} This week we dive into Igniting Your Passion and doing the things you love without regret. Stop by and leave a comment, journal your response, Tweet or Instagram your thoughts using the hashtag #inspiringcreativepassion Want to see what we are writing about next in case you want to start writing now? Stop by the writing challenges page on the blog: Happy Writing! ✨💫

November 2017

Free shipping on any item in the #alifewithaview shop this weekend: Merchandise to inspire your creative journey. #inspiringcreativepassion Please use the code: ICPFREESHIP Link also in bio.👆🏼✨💫

November 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!🍁🍂

November 2017

Welcome to Week 1 of the 7-week blog post series. I am so happy you are here. Our first topic is up on the blog and I would love to hear from you and read your comments, thoughts, blog posts, and tweets around this topic. Be sure to use the hashtag #inspiringcreativepassion to follow along here and over on @inspiringcreativepassion You can find the remaining writing prompt topics here for the coming weeks: For this first week, we talk about the road ahead being uncertain and 5 ways to face challenges confidence. Stop by the link in my bio for more.👆🏼✨💫

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