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2 weeks ago

HAD FUN & FILMED A QUICK DRIP CAM 💧❄️ WITH SKI , LINK IN MY BIOOOO | Feel free to do whatever them youtubers usually ask you to do 😭😂 Also shoutout to my fire hairstylist @muzurihair

last month

🌞🌞🌞🌞 La Cambre Show #35mm 📸 by my love @castaycharlotte @lacambremodes

last month

We all have those days where we have to run around but don’t feel like running into anybody!! I use @heetch_be , super easy, super fast, & you can pay with cashhhh YES GIRLS THE WALK OF SHAME TO THE NEAREST METRO/ UBER HE ORDERED WON’T BE NEEDED NO MO 😂 & GUESS WUT; y’all can use my code for 10€ offered on your first ride using your card Code: “RIDEWITHALIENPS” So yeah here’s a pic of me running errands, waiting for my @heetch_be while in Paris with my @nanananaofficial fam 💙😇

May 2019

Losing your time trying to figure me out🛸🎭

May 2019

Idk felt cute, might delete later 🙃

May 2019

Ready to have some sand in between my butt cheeks

March 2019

Struggling to walk on them Parisian uneven streets but make it Fashuun😂 📸: @koji_ueda I look like somebody’s aunty & I’m highkey here for it

February 2019

« Crazy » Fine Vintage corset from @chanelofficial

February 2019

Sundaybirthdayfit @komono hooked me up again

February 2019

Travelling in style thanks to @mooseknucklescanada for keeping me warm this winter 💓 Why do I always look mad 😩 I was happy I promise

December 2018

FRIDAYYYY 💜💜 I hope everyone’s having a beautiful day, good vibes always 💫 REMINDER: if you’re dealing with physical insecurities; BAD BTCHES COME IN EVERY/SINGLE/SHAPES/ COLORS AND FORMS OKAY!? You is beautiful & you is worth it, don’t let nobody tell you what you should/ shouldn’t look like. It’s hard, but you’ll get through it. Live your best life at all timesXx

November 2018

Best chicken spot in town

November 2018

Last Exam got me feeling like 🙄😌😭

October 2018

Priceless moments somewhere in the south of France, sippin’ on some fine wine, eating some “RAISUNN” #longliveelchaosso

February 2019

Hihi 💫 Peep my @nanananaofficial phone case 😍

September 2018

Speak out, don’t make noise

August 2018

It’s not that deep

July 2018

Shooting winter in the summer MUA: @cecileparavina she made these lashes! She’s the best fr fr

July 2018

@woohahfest day 3 Don’t ask me why the top and the bottom of my body don’t match Colors 😭

July 2018

Woohah fest 🚧

July 2018

Festival season @lesardentes Why do I always have a poker face 😭

2 weeks ago

Thank you @lesardentes for trusting me! Basically they gave me the opportunity to try out a project of mine where I eat pizza with artists and talk shit. Can’t wait for the other videos to drop and see where this is going to go! First video is up on their Facebook page! It’ll also be available on @alienpizzatv ’s IGTV and will be posting some exclusive content! Thank you for the support, thank you to the labels, artists, managers, pizza makers that put their trust in me. + shoutout to @alexisvassiviere 📷: @chasemusicbe @kamssaint I’ll be doing challenges and giveaways for the festivals I’ll be attending so keep your eyes opennnnnn 😊💖

June 2018

Almost got kicked out for taking pictures inside 👀🙈 Wearing @91ppm_officiel

June 2018

Strolling through Le Marais during FW & bumping into your whole Instagram feed 😂 Thank you @91ppm_officiel 💗 📸: @kelloggsmarie

June 2018

Happy birthday Julia! 😘 #geminiseason I’ll post pictures from my bday next week ✨

June 2018

Why do I always look lit? 😂 Thank you @enfntsterribles for having me✨ Wearing my favourite @weekday_stores & @sandroparis 💗 And the sis @chloekitembo ofc

June 2018

Hosting tomorrow’s party powered by @puurbe & @trendy belgium See y’all tomorrow 💙 Tickets are still available, link in my bio 💗 Hoodie by @waltervanbeirendonckofficial Styled by the best @nawfeldrh Pic by @Servanilyne

June 2018

Year 19, please be lit 🎂

May 2018

What’s too short when it’s 29 degrees?

April 2018

Afro angel 😇 Yeah it’s not always contour & highlights

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