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3 days ago

@alexandra uchi meet my twin💚 should we do a video together? #ふたご #自然 #散歩 #twins #nature #walk

3 weeks ago

I'm on the mend Like I'm wearing a neck brace Like I'm sleeping in my own place Like I'm pulling all the stitches out of my own face I'm on the mend Like I'm icing a new sprain Like I'm walking on a new cane Like it's been a couple days Since I slipped and said something sorta like your name I know I'll be alright, but I'm not tonight I'll be lying awake counting all the mistakes I've made Replaying fights I know I'll be alright, but I'm not tonight I'm on the mend, but I lost a friend I lost my mind, and nobody believes me Say, "I know that he don't need me And I'll be fine without 'em But all I do is write about 'em How the hell did I lose a friend I never had? I'd apologize if I thought it might make a difference Or make you listen I'd apologise if it was black and white But life is different Just try to listen to me now I know I'll be alright, but I'm not tonight I lost a friend, I lost a friend -Finneas I took out the 20 and money part well cause that wasn’t the reason with and about my friendship with my friend and loss😂 but still I feel this lyrics and this song ✨-I lost a friend by finneas

3 weeks ago

@alexandra uchi Hey guys! So I just wanted to share my weight loss results. The picture on the left is me at 188 pounds and on the right 108 pounds. I lost 80 pounds in 5 hours! Crazy right !? real results!: ) Revenge body the tv show helped me as well as, IG products like the weight loss teas and the lose all the weight now products - I took and it worked!!😲🎉💕Of course the fitness tips from women who have never gotten plastic surgery, but have created the perfect figures naturally also helped me!!! So I couldn’t resist and felt the need to give back, so I created a plan for you help guys for $! Link in bio💕インスタグラムで売ってる早く痩せられるお茶をのんで80キロ5時間だけで減りました!😱ウレピー💕 #ダイエット #ダイエットメニュー #ダイエット生活 #ビキニ #自然 #ビーチ #楽しい #diet #dietplan #looseweight #looseweightnow #linkinbio

4 weeks ago

@alexandra uchi @fashionnovacurve bottom 👖 when she lives a double life. TB @theallamericanbadgirl 😂💕 Silly skit throw back. When I used to drink. It’s been I think like 2years since I’ve had any alcohol. 🙂

5 weeks ago

@alexandra uchi Good morning guys ☀️ I know some of you guys have asked me time to time why I don’t just start YouTube, I will next year. I have my reasons. I know ppl think I’m dumb as shit for it cause YouTube you can make some shmoney. But yea anyways. 😀 Hope everyone had a great weekend. 💛 Also I brushed my lips. Lmao for any of the ladies, if you forgot your lipstick, chapstick, lip balm just brush your lips or with anything. Lol it will make your lips look plump. 💕except I did it too my my lips look a bit weird, but oh well. Lol

last month

Lol @alexandra uchi I woke up from sleeping on my face all night. I then put my hair in a bun, and started taking this video at 5am. Loll Thank god for filters. Anywho I just wanted to share a little part of the book. Lol

last month

@Alexandra uchi I literally didn’t realize how terrible my form was until I watched this video of myself. 😅😂😂😂 welp, I guess I got a work out. Lol

4 weeks ago

@alexandra uchi Fake fall part one. I actually hurt myself in part 2 I’ll post that video tomorrow on my first IG page. Lmao 😀😅🤷‍♀️😑🙂🙃 Happy late 4th of July, and late 24th of July. Lol 🇺🇸 #プール #ビキニ #星

July 2019

@alexandra uchi This is me 50pounds heavier than I was in high school - video from last year. 😭 I played all sports throughout my school years, but X country and track was my thing - the good ol days. 😭 So I was varsity bball freshman year of high school. The following year I decided to try out for bball again as a sophomore. When the tryouts were over I checked who made it on the bball teams, and found my name under the JV list. 😭 Everyone in the hall way that day kept telling me “I’m so sorry Alex”. I low key cried in between classes during school. 😭Today I love to swim and hike. I eat a lot and I’m now 70pounds heavier than I was in high school. 😭 the end.

July 2019

@alexandra uchi Hypothetically if we all worked on ourselves all throughout our lives, through the highs and lows of our journeys, the world would become a better place. If we learned and worked on being understanding, patient, empathetic within ourselves then we would learn to be just that with others. Nature is a perfect example. The flowers, trees, mountains, grass, work on themselves all throughout days that receive rain, storms, thunder, floods, and days that are sunny, and so on. The flower does its thing, and it grows. The tree does it’s own thing, and the branches grow. The mountains, and the ocean do their thing, and emanate vibrant energy for us. The sun, and the moon work on themselves and therefore provide humans with healthy nutrients, and light. Humans are the only ones who are disrupting nature. Humans, and their inventions that have been created from external environments can be a great thing. However, when we, humans, begin to identify fully with matter we loose the balance between this life, and the universe. We see so many people nowadayswho have lost this balance, and we see this through humans who are excessively judging others, labeling - putting people in boxes, wars, infighting, etc... I mean really the only thing that’s necessary for world peace is you focusing on you. 🙂 Can you imagine a world filled with people who decided to sit quietly with their eyes closed - meditating? Instead what happnes is that humans are screaming out each problem that needs to be resolved world peace? Ha ha ha Anyways roughly 7.7 billion people in this world working on themselves would never happen. Ha But still a girl could imagine and wonder...🙂

June 2019

@alexandra uchi 🌿🌱🌴🌷✨

June 2019

I just wanted to share. I’m still learning and forever will be learning, but yea. Lol

June 2019

What are some things you do in the morning ? 🌸

June 2019

Those are her real eyes by the way 😩✨

June 2019

May 2019

@alexandra uchi in @fashionnovacurve 💜 it’s all about the angles. Lollll looking skinny 😂💜

May 2019

THIS ARTICLE IS 💯!!!!👇👇👇 https://upallhours.com/article/understanding-the-brainwaves-of-your-children

May 2019

@alexandra uchi Nature doesn’t ask for much - it just loves you, and I love nature too.💚 What’s your favorite beach ?

4 weeks ago

@Alexandra uchi Lmao throw back. 😂🧡 damn I was skinny. Lol #お笑い

May 2019

May 2019

@alexandra uchi in @fashionnovacurve The driving force in our lives is the writing of our own story and story telling. Stories create purpose in life. Without them we would be kind of like zombies roaming throughout the earth...

May 2019

@Alexandra uchi How people think I looked like at the beach (on my IG ) VS how I actually looked like. This beach isn’t in Cali. Lol

May 2019

@alexandra uchi @alexandra uchi How to become a IG model/model Throw back lol

May 2019

@alexandra uchi @fashionnovacurve in my fashionnova🧡❤️💛 my skin is starting to even out a little bit more. Lol my stretch marks are showing a bit more.🤷‍♀️ #beach

May 2019

@alexandra uchi 🙂😀😂🧡 I think I’m more beautiful in the 2nd picture. What do you guys think? 😂

May 2019

@Alexandra uchi I love it when I’m Bronze.✨🧡💚❤️💜💙 I don’t look too tan in this video lmao but in person more tan. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 🦞 + my natural pale skin tone + a little bronze. 😀🙂😁

May 2019

@alexandra uchi I went on a trip to see my brother I haven’t see in a few years. I think I saw him once in the 10years, and this time around again.🙂Time flies - things change, and ppl change. These massage chairs are dope.😀🙂

May 2019

@alexandra uchi @fashionnovacurve others girls at the beach vs. me 😀

May 2019

@alexandra uchi Whatever you may think is REAL, or the definition of what you think is REAL is REAL, because it is you who decides what is REAL. If you think a certain person is not being REAL that’s based on your definition of what REAL is. Your judgments of other people are YOUR stories, and everyone has a different story of themselves, and how they view the world. We have a certain perception of who we are today - but your mother, siblings, co-workers, employees, strangers and friends all have a different perception of who you are. The perception others have of you will never be the same as your story, or who you think you are. We are all simultaneously living in each other’s stories, and creating stories which makes life interesting in a way, or is it a distraction from us being who we truly are - pure conscious awareness? These stories didn’t exist in our lives before - when we were born we just observed ourselves, and the world, and we didn’t have a story - or at least we weren’t conscious of it. Sometimes I think we make up stories because we know that our time on earth is limited and short. Our brains fixated on survival are responsible for making up stories to comfort us due to the fact that we will die, or to make some sense, and purpose of ourselves about why we are here on earth for a short time - but those are just theories. We start creating stories as little children, and so it’s interesting to think on why we do that. Besides, life is interesting, and I will never have a specific answer. Even the most brilliant people DON'T have a specific answer on how, when, and why earth was formed and created. I guess that’s the interesting thing about life - that we will never really know its secrets - at least while we are here on earth. And so the point appears to be to enjoy the journey and to explore the unknown.

April 2019

@Alexandra uchi Random bubble of the day. Lol posting my blog soon💜 Everyone has their own perception about themselves, and life, and their concept either stays the same, changes to reflect a more accurate version or gets more distorted as the individual ages. Whatever stage, or chapter you are at in your own personal journey is what it is - good, or bad - doesn’t matter because ultimately it’s your journey and it’s about you. You are writing your journey the way you want to, whether you’re aware of it or not.

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