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9 hours ago

Sun-Tan-Rini ☀️🍑🇬🇷


☀️... torini !!! 🇬🇷✨💙


I'll find you in the morning sun ... 🎶☀️🇬🇷


Morning sun 🇬🇷☀️💙


Under the moon light ✨🌕✨ #magicalplace #moonday #fullmoon in #sagittarius

2 days ago

☀️💙 ☀️

3 days ago

Santorini 💙💙💙

5 days ago

Getting ready for a fun day with my new friend celebrating first watch worn on the Moon ! #moonwatch @omega

6 days ago

Introducing ... SEREIA style 🧜🏼‍♀️💫 #naturalmystic @galfloripa

6 days ago

Feliz dia dos namorados ❤️⭐️🌙❤️ Amore mio

1 weeks ago

Looking backwards to so many amazing years and memories together !!! THANK YOU to the 🔟 MILLION of you for being there for me. I recently spent a couple of days in Gstaad, surrounded by nature, waterfalls and connected to the energy of the earth. I heard from fellow creative activists who are pioneering new methods for world conservation. I learned a great deal of what we need to do to preserve mother nature. Let’s stay together as a community and do our part to save our planet as we only have one. I want the world my children and the future generations grow up in to be prosperous and #plasticfree 🌍🌎🌏 #planetconservation #globalgoals #goal14 #hydratelike #lifebelowwater #togetherband 📸 by @kostyukov

2 weeks ago

“There’s a Natural Mystic blowing through the air ...” 🌬✨ @galfloripa 🎥 by @agustinmica #NaturalMysticCollection #fromtheMagicIsland #OutNow

2 weeks ago

I’m so excited to share our new @galfloripa Natural Mystic collection 🐚🧜🏻‍♀🔮 #fromtheMagicIsland #OutNow

2 weeks ago

It's our privilege to enjoy such a beauty in our lives !!! 🌊 Do not take for granted something that is free of charge ... We must not contaminate the seas but keep them clean for the generations to come!!! #globalgoals #oceanconservation #goal14

2 weeks ago

Happy to announce that in honor of World Oceans day @GALfloripa will donate 20% of sales today to support Togetherband ONG Global goals. #Goal14 : Life Below Water Join us in this action and lets make a difference! #WorldOceansDay #Togetherband 📸 by @stewartshining

2 weeks ago

Happy World Ocean Day friends! Healthy oceans and seas are everything in terms of our survival but they are heavily under threat from overfishing and pollution. We need to protect all marine life for a sustainable future! That's why I am proud to be a #TOGETHERBAND Ambassador for Goal 14: Life Below Water. Wear your @togetherbandofficial as a symbol of support for the Goals. 100% of the proceeds from each #TOGETHERBAND are used to spread the word about the Global Goals and fund life-changing projects to build a better future for us all.  Click the link in my bio to choose the Global Goal that is closest to your heart and lets save our planet! #Goal14 #ShareYourGoal #GlobalGoals #UNFoundation #Bottletop #WWF #WorldOceansDay

2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

Friday mood ✨✨✨

2 weeks ago

Protecting our planet is everyone’s responsibility !!!! ♻️🌎♻️ #WorldEnvironmentDay

2 weeks ago

This is shocking and so sad !!! #Repost @savethereef ・・・ ⚠WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠ How is this barbaric killing of whales and dolphins still legal? This annual slaughter takes place in the Faroe Islands and the typically blue sea turns into a horrifying red color due to the countless bodies of dead whales and dolphins. Apparently, this tradition goes back to the year 1584 and it‘s a communal activity where all the locals get together to ruthlessly slaughter hundreds of whales and dolphins. How are the whales killed? The fishermen enter the water in boats and as soon as pods of whales arrive close to the bay, they surround them and lead them towards land to be beached and slaughtered. When the whales are close enough, a hook is inserted into their blowholes to bring them further up the shore and their necks are then stabbed with a spinal lance and their spinal cords are severed, which further cuts the blood supply to its brain. The whale loses consciousness and dies within a few seconds. An entire pod of whales can be killed in less than 10 minutes and the entire community pitches in the slaughtering while it takes place in plain sight. Reportedly, each whale is recorded and regulated by authorities and the Danish people claim that this practice is not cruel and is carried out in regard to international laws. But we ask how can this be a law? Approximately 500 cetaceans have now been killed ‘for food’ in these islands since the beginning of 2019. Let’s hear what your thoughts — is this tradition of slaughter cruel and should it be stopped or be allowed to continue? #savethedolphins #karmagawa #savethewhales #savethereef

3 weeks ago

In the office 💋 #bts

3 weeks ago

Living from the heart 💛 #NewMoonfeelings

3 weeks ago

Keep me searching for a heart of gold ✨✨✨

3 weeks ago

Shine eye Gal ✨☽❍☾✨ #GALacticSun #GALaxiaglow

4 weeks ago

You Rock 🎸✌️💫 #bottlerock

4 weeks ago

Day 2, let’s go .., 🎸✌️💫 #bottlerock

4 weeks ago

That Friday Feelin’ 💫

last month

Sunday morning !!! 🍯🥐😋

last month

à la mer ⚓️

last month

💋💋💋 for Cannes

last month

Cannes film festival ❤️💫

last month

Lady in red 🌹

last month

Rose all day 🌹

last month

Opening ceremony of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival ✨✨✨ #cannesfilmfestival

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