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FD Pro-Am athlete/hustler Mechanic: Odi Bakchis, Mad Mike, Me Aspiring stunt driver! FDLB live stream

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A short insight on CAN Bus wiring, how to twist the Pair and resistor placement.

2 days ago

A quick insight on what goes into a professional grade motorsports harness for a Formula Drift Pro 2 car. #Cars #drifting #build #Rotary #rx7 #racing #IGTV #AP300 @driftcave @motecusa

3 days ago

This was a dream. So much fun! Driving and building......, and not just being able to work with something your passionate about. But do it all with great people. Tune in for all 8 episodes on FB!! #HI /lo #Donutmedia #carbuild #350Z #nissan #zociety 📷: @cleveralias

5 days ago

Wiring up Matt Haugens RB25/R32 with a Motec PDM15 and Link. @Aaparkah 300 @driftcave @haugenracing #Cars #drifting #build #Rotary #rx7 #racing #IGTV #AP300

6 days ago

Im Back!! had gotten so busy I couldn't get to shooting these Vids! Apologies guys!! Mega Ones🙏🏾. I'm back and able to continue with the series! I'm up here at @driftcave wiring up a @motecusa PDM15 for @haugenracing and his sick R32. ....I think I want one 🤣👌🏾. @wolfwireco is my Side job and really helps keep my dream Alive! stay tuned for a series of behind the process insights of what it takes to wire up a professional grade motorsports loom🍻. #motec #motorsportswiring #wolfwireco @aaparkah 300 #Cars #drifting #build #Rotary #rx7 #racing #IGTV #AP300

2 weeks ago

One of my favorite phrases to hear. "It must be nice." It takes a deeper understanding of how little experience that person may have with what you're doing... to reply with a simple "Yep." But what you want to say is; "It must be nice to have health insurance, a consistent pay check, a place of your own to truly call home. Missed important friends and family events, weddings (sorry @mildbill @geraldine_dt )..... @mogoungo house warming party. Which no one will care or understand how heart wrenching it is to have to say no. And all for one reason. Which has a whole lot to do with the vehicle in the picture above.. and the absolutely insane invisible class 5 hurricane that keeps things progressing. A missed opportunity in this hustle, could truly be the difference between a positive life changing event or selling even more of your soul to the hustle. #checkersorwreckers 📷: @lukemunnell x @superstreet And all part of a bigger picture that only a few may see. It's a trade off, ...as with everything in life. There is sacrifice involved. And that's just the name of the game. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to do something or be a part of something great. This is it... and I'm happy that I'm just getting started. You have to believe in what you're doing 100%. Trust it fully... even when no one else may. Fall in love with the process, and before you know it you will be smiling and eager to wake up in 4 hours after 2 weeks of 14-18 hour days. #Charged#AP300#ThisistheWolf ⚡drifting ⚡ @red_line_oil@officialngksparkplugs@borgwarner performance ⚡ @ptpturboblankets@runthejewels@falkentire@partsshopmax@tialsport@radiumengineering@fuelsafe@driveshaftpro@crracing@phenixindustries@gleaseman@melin@ilabb@heatwavevisual@ompracing@enkeiwheels@rich ferral.grg ⚡ @nitrousexpress@Adaptronic@Superwowfactory@lost_angels_childrens_project@Hpsperformance@optimabatteries@Mastermind_north_america #cars #racing #mazda #love #photooftheday #happy

2 weeks ago

Sevens Day. Mazda Fd3s Rx7. 13BREW. HGT 5-Speed Sequential. 500/420tq. Formula Drift Pro Am Competition Car. Updated Spec: Pro-2 compliant. Is 500 enough? I don't see why not. Give her a Bump down low with a little @nitrousexpress 50-100 dry shot, paired with the new @borgwarner performance #EFR8474 on the best turbo two rotor manifold in the game... @gleaseman 321 billet series....I couldn't ask for better performing parts. There's a fine balance between the above and the next broken driveline part. Who can guess where they concern will be? #sevensday#AP300#ThisistheWolf ⚡drifting 📷: @lukemunnell@red_line_oil@officialngksparkplugs@borgwarner performance ⚡ @ptpturboblankets@runthejewels@falkentire@partsshopmax@tialsport@radiumengineering@fuelsafe@driveshaftpro@crracing@phenixindustries@gleaseman@melin@ilabb@heatwavevisual@ompracing@enkeiwheels@rich ferral.grg ⚡ @nitrousexpress@Adaptronic@Superwowfactory@lost_angels_childrens_project@Hpsperformance@optimabatteries@Mastermind_north_america #cars #racing #mazda #photooftheday #happy

2 weeks ago

Wanna hear a funny story? ... in June of last year this front bumper was smashed in half. Tons of rash and almost grave worthy. It had been freshly painted a week prior. I had to glass it back together and be seriously careful not to warp it too much otherwise it'd look like junk. I was as careful as my skill could permit. But it still warped Haha. You can see it in this photo if you look at the ground clearance on both sides. Not perfect but at least back together and flying color👉🏾⚡🤛🏾. #expensiverepair #AP300#ThisistheWolf ⚡drifting 📷: @superstreet@red_line_oil@officialngksparkplugs@borgwarner performance ⚡ @ptpturboblankets@runthejewels@falkentire@partsshopmax@tialsport@radiumengineering@fuelsafe@driveshaftpro@crracing@phenixindustries@gleaseman@melin@ilabb@heatwavevisual@ompracing@enkeiwheels@rich ferral.grg ⚡ @nitrousexpress@Adaptronic@Superwowfactory@lost_angels_childrens_project@Hpsperformance@optimabatteries@Mastermind_north_america #cars #racing #mazda #love #photooftheday #happy

3 weeks ago

Another GRANGE Initiation. This one was better. Getting a little the wheel action on the lurch. If I entered later... it would probably put me on a better line. But I was having too much fun pushing my comfort zone. Hope everyone is having an excellent 4th. ⚡ #AP300#ThisistheWolf ⚡drifting 🎬: @castroreale@red_line_oil@officialngksparkplugs@borgwarner performance ⚡ @ptpturboblankets@runthejewels@falkentire@partsshopmax@tialsport@radiumengineering@fuelsafe@driveshaftpro@crracing@phenixindustries@gleaseman@melin@ilabb@heatwavevisual@ompracing@enkeiwheels@rich ferral.grg ⚡ @nitrousexpress@Adaptronic@Superwowfactory@lost_angels_childrens_project@Hpsperformance@optimabatteries@Mastermind_north_america #cars #racing #mazda #love #photooftheday #happy #ngkracing

3 weeks ago

Going in depth on why I'm Routing the catch system to vacuum and what I'm trying to prevent. The goal is to get rid of crank case pressure. Because a byproduct of that is oil in the catch can. There are other things that cause oil in the catch but those are usually issues with the engine itself. @Aaparkah 300 #Cars #drifting #build #Rotary #rx7 #racing #IGTV #AP300

3 weeks ago

I love videos like this. They are raw and show so much. Ive always been a heavily measured type. I feel things out before I jump in. Pace the fast drivers before throwing in, and 99% of the time I know exactly what the car is capable of before initiating. There are times when there isn't time for all that,... and that's one of the things I love about competition. That is a challenge all in itself. A true "Test" of your comfort level/Car Set up/Skill when the circumstances ask you to perform your best on the spot. Here...I had the chance to Feel it out. Manji before the building... you can see as soon as I initiated...I had to keep angle mild.. because I wasn't going to make it🤣🤙🏾. Second lap was right in between the two Haha.. but safe ⚡ #AP300#ThisistheWolf ⚡drifting 📽: @castroreale@red_line_oil@officialngksparkplugs@borgwarner performance ⚡ @ptpturboblankets@runthejewels@falkentire@partsshopmax@tialsport@radiumengineering@fuelsafe@driveshaftpro@crracing@phenixindustries@gleaseman@melin@ilabb@heatwavevisual@ompracing@enkeiwheels@rich ferral.grg ⚡ @nitrousexpress@Adaptronic@Superwowfactory@lost_angels_childrens_project@Hpsperformance@optimabatteries@Mastermind_north_america #cars #racing #mazda #love #photooftheday #happy

3 weeks ago

A brief overview of my catch can system set up, using @radiumengineering catch cans and all PTFE High pressure @phenixindustries fittings. The system will be going from a non-vac breather to a vac assisted system. by that I mean that I will be reintroducing vacuum top the set up because I wasn't happy with the performance of the last set up. #Cars #drifting #build #Rotary #rx7 #racing #IGTV #AP300

3 weeks ago

Real life Midnight club Albuquerque with some of my favorite people. Thank you so much for the excellent opportunity. @donutmedia #dreambig #hustle #donutmedia

3 weeks ago

Ive been gathering some new interior bits to replace what you see in the pic above. Loving all the @evormotorsport Carbon panels. And can't wait to swap the new, Updated Evo-R stuff in for an interior update. It's gonna look real nice. When I was first getting into cars I would sit online for hours searching for "Race Car Interior" pics and stare at them even longer. Those pics were saved in a folder labeled "Inspiration Build Ideas"...I feel like there's never enough credit given.. or pictures taken of nicely executed interiors. If you've got one...or know of one.. please do tag me in the pic! I seriously wanna see what's out there! #Interior#AP300#ThisistheWolf ⚡drifting 📷: @superstreet@red_line_oil@officialngksparkplugs@borgwarner performance ⚡ @ptpturboblankets@runthejewels@falkentire@partsshopmax@tialsport@radiumengineering@fuelsafe@driveshaftpro@crracing@phenixindustries@gleaseman@melin@ilabb@heatwavevisual@ompracing@enkeiwheels@rich ferral.grg ⚡ @nitrousexpress@Adaptronic@Superwowfactory@lost_angels_childrens_project@Hpsperformance@optimabatteries@Mastermind_north_america #cars #racing #mazda #love #photooftheday #happy

4 weeks ago

Finished up with the paint trim on my lexan glass hatch. So I briefly cover my catch can ideology...meaning how im planning to sort it out.

4 weeks ago

Putting together my breather vent for the @radiumengineering FCST. Using @knfilters breather filter and @hpsperformance heater 5/8 heater hose as well as embossed worm clamps #Cars #drifting #build #Rotary #rx7 #racing #IGTV #AP300

4 weeks ago

Finished up the fuel Filler tube using @hpsperformance aluminium bends. Head over to @binkindustries to use the bead roller on my charge piping. Nate gives us some bead rolling tips and I drill the location for my @nitrousexpress Dry Shot Nozzle.

5 weeks ago

I made a Fuel Filler tube using some @hpsperformance aluminium tube. Alex welded the flange to the top and I connected the two pieces with flexible hose as per Formula D rulebook.

last month

Making a little aluminium mount for the fuel level gauge and Filler neck.

last month

Right in the feels today 😫 Good luck to all the competitors at @justdrift_official #topdrift round 2 #HTM I'll be dreaming and visualizing all day trying to recreate the feeling of my favorite course. ⚡ #AP300#ThisistheWolf ⚡drifting #htm 🎬: @timcobb110@red_line_oil@officialngksparkplugs@borgwarner performance ⚡ @ptpturboblankets@runthejewels@falkentire@partsshopmax@tialsport@radiumengineering@fuelsafe@driveshaftpro@crracing@phenixindustries@gleaseman@melin@ilabb@heatwavevisual@ompracing@enkeiwheels@rich ferral.grg ⚡ @nitrousexpress@Adaptronic@Superwowfactory@lost_angels_childrens_project@Hpsperformance@optimabatteries@Mastermind_north_america #cars #racing #mazda #love #photooftheday #happy

last month

Trimming up the Rear hatch and roughly explaining high and low pressure zones. #IGTV #radiator #build

last month

Sitting this one out. Which is torture on the soul. But all for the bigger picture. Good luck to everyone this weekend @justdrift_official Top Drift. ⚡ #AP300#ThisistheWolf ⚡drifting 🎬: @low_keebs@red_line_oil@officialngksparkplugs@borgwarner performance ⚡ @ptpturboblankets@runthejewels@falkentire@partsshopmax@tialsport@radiumengineering@fuelsafe@driveshaftpro@crracing@phenixindustries@gleaseman@melin@ilabb@heatwavevisual@ompracing@enkeiwheels@rich ferral.grg ⚡ @nitrousexpress@Adaptronic@Superwowfactory@lost_angels_childrens_project@Hpsperformance@optimabatteries@Mastermind_north_america #cars #racing #mazda #love #photooftheday #happy

last month

@grimarro starts on the @Hpsperformance charge piping, cuts a massive hole in my @crracing intercooler & I cut the vent for my Spal fans.

last month

..Aint Ready...Mix tape droppin soon! Bringing the Heat...bringing my A-Game...Stay Tuned. 👉🏾⚡🤛🏾

last month

Taking a quick look at my power steering pump wiring. Putting a 5-Rib belt on my Alternator. Removal of my rear hatch glass & tracing shape for my lexan replacement. #Cars #drifting #build #Rotary #rx7 #racing #IGTV #AP300

last month

Tune in for the last installment of #formulad round 4 in New Jersey. lots of behind the scenes coverage this round.

last month

Despite our outcome this round. I'm so proud of our team once again. Solid outing and we will see you all in Seattle soon @odidrift @mrspeed510 @kev__kev46 @jonathonbradford @rola_audio_video @falkentire 📷: @mediajunkies_bryan

last month

Part 2 - practice and Qualifying at Wall Stadium here in new Jersey. Friday.

last month

Take a look behind the scenes with Odi Bakchis team through the eyes of a mechanic in Formula Drift Pro One. This round we Visit Round Wall stadium in New Jersey.

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