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2 days ago

Out here in Tejas capturing art.

April 2019

This is me. Trying to pose like @steve laureus in an office room in my house. This is the beginning of my bodybuilding journey. I have set goals and developed a plan. Now all that’s left to do is execute. I don’t know how far I’ll go, but at least I’m willing to try. Maybe I’ll float, maybe I’ll drown. But one thing I do know is I'm going to find out. I encourage you to do the same. I have a long way to go, but I’m not afraid to put in the work and face the challenges. This is something I feel that deep down, I have always wanted. Some major life changes are coming my way, but it is nothing that I can’t handle. This is what I live for. This is me. #instagrambodybuilding #bodybuilding #fitnessmotivation #indyfitnessmag

March 2019

YO! Peep this #compoundset I think most people would call this a #superset which it is not. Word to @jimstoppani If you don’t know the difference, just give me a holler and I can explain. Give this a shot next time you do #shoulders P.S. I know I’m cute when I work out. #bodybuilding #fitness #indianapolisfitness #workoutroutine

January 2019

Just some guys being dudes. #nye #idontknow2ofthem #redcarpet #guys #dudes

December 2018

Go ahead and marinate on that for a minute.

September 2018

Out here in Vegas meeting cool ass people.

September 2018

Velvety strokes

August 2018

Just absolutely majestic. Shout out @ericfrick

August 2018

Lookin like a shnack

August 2018

We clean up sometimes

June 2018

Its been a while since I’ve done this but I finally got the nuts to record myself working out again. I accidentally came up with this lil #gymhacks right here and felt like I had to share it. This is just a regular lat pull down machine with the leg supports cranked all the way up and my elbows resting on them. Sit on that thang backwards and your golden. Its a great way to put all emphasis on the bicep. I think it takes away from swinging the arms, you pretty much have to try to cheat. Just goes to show a little creativity goes a long way. So next time you’re thinking about buying one of those arm blasters from your favorite #bodybuilder , give this a shot first. You’re welcome. P.S. I’m not saying this has never been done before, but I follow a bunch of fitness accounts and I’ve never seen anyone do this. So I’m just gonna claim this one.

December 2017

New goal: to human flag on both sides for 5 seconds. Here’s a video of me miserably failing to do a human flag. Its something I have always wanted to be able to do. Not sure if there are any good ways to “train” for this other than to just keep trying. So I’m going to hold myself accountable to this goal. I want to be able to do this by the turn of the year. If anybody knows any tips on being able to do this let me know. Until then, I’ll be working on it. #fitness #indyfitnessmag #flagging #goals

November 2017

I can’t lie, lately I have completely fallen off with this whole instagram thing. Not only that, but I have also been having a hard time just keeping up with my work outs as well. Whether it was finding an excuse not to go to the gym or just pure lack of motivation, I just haven’t been myself lately. I guess I just felt like I wasn’t working towards anything. . So recently I registered to do a Spartan Race in July of next year. I know it’s a long way away, but I’m going to completely change my fitness regimen from bodybuilder style workouts to endurance/ crossfit style. I figure why not go all in, and train to win this thing, not just complete it. . I guess what I’m trying to say is if you’re struggling to get to the gym, it’s just part of the game. Find something that motivates you and gives your workouts a purpose. Whether you find a cometition to compete in or just find a new workout plan you like. Shit it might just be a hot chick/ dude at the gym you’re trying to impress. Whatever it is, figure it out and don’t give up. . P.S. if you have any good ideas for some endurance workouts, hit me up and lets get after it. . P.S.S. I will be making more of an effort to post if anyone actually cares. #spartanrace #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #indyfitnessmag #iam1stphorm

October 2017

This weeks #supersetsunday is brought to you by legs. These two exercises are literally the same movements, just with different weight distribution. Focusing on exact opposite sides of your legs creating a true #superset , not just two random exercises put together. As usual this is just two exercises that mostly everybody has done, but maybe you haven't combined them together. You could use this as a great warm up for going heavy on leg day, or if you're feeling crazy, save this for the end and use it as a finisher like I did. This is guranteed to make your legs feel extra wobbly if you finish with it. So I will take the blame if you can't walk out of the gym. I like to do this exercise with high volume for the extra burn, so try doing at least 4 sets 10-12 reps for each movement. This can be done with either the seated leg curl, or the lying leg curl, whichever you prefer. Always remember to use weight you can control on the eccentric muscle action, because thats where most of those micro tears come from, which leads to more muscle growth. So next time you train legs give this a try and let me know what you think. #1stphormathletesearch #iam1stphorm #wedothework #iamthe1 @andyfrisella @1stphorm @sean_mc_donough

September 2017

Single arm dumb bell row. By far one of my all time favorite back exercises for many reasons. One reason is that I feel like this movement gives me the best mind to muscle connection. Basically when I do this exercise, I can create a better focus on the targeted muscle than I can anywhere else. Especially if you pause at the top like you see in this picture, it makes your lat feel like it could burst any moment. Sounds pretty crazy but I love it. . I also think is by far the most effective way to perform this exercise. No, you don't need a flat bench to post your knee up on. All you need is something to rest your hand/ forearm on for balance and to keep your back straight. When you post your knee and hand up on a flat bench it takes a lot of emphasis off your entire back, and you're more likely to end up arching your back, which is the opposite of what you want to do. The whole balance factor I think is what makes this exercise so great because you really have to #focus on what you're doing, creating that mind to muscle connection that I mentioned earlier. . I usually do this early in my work outs, after pull ups or pull downs. Start off doing 2 sets with medium weight 12-15 reps, then 2-3 more sets with heavy weight 8-10 reps. And remember to squeeze at the top for 1-2 seconds each rep for some extra burn. So next time you train back give this a try and let me know what you think. #1stphormathletesearch #iam1stphorm #bethe1 #iamthe1

September 2017

No matter who you are, eating is one of the most vital components of life. Period. Food is fuel, and we all need it to keep our bodies functioning at a high level. But unfortunately, we all have busy schedules, and if you're like me, it might be kind of tough to get all your meals in throughout the day. Well now you no longer have an excuse. Because with @1stphorm Level-1 protein blend, it is now faster and easier than ever to fix yourself a meal. All you need is about 45 seconds. Level-1 is specifically formulated to deliver the highest quality proteins in a sustained release which mimics the protein assimilation rates of whole food. In layman's terms, it's the next best thing to real food. Packed with top of the line ingredients to keep you full and energized, you cannot go wrong with Level-1. So it doesn't matter what you do, whether you're a doctor, a teacher, a hair dresser, a scientist, an athlete, a lawyer or just a sweaty, dirty FedEx ground driver like me, I gurantee you could benefit from Level-1. But don't take my word for it, click the link in my bio to get yourself some, and never miss a meal again. You will also get free shipping. If you're not satisfied, theres a 100% money back gurantee. #1stphormathletesearch #iam1stphorm #bethe1 #iamthe1

September 2017

"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done." Morning weights start now. #wedothework #1stphormathletesearch #bethe1 #iamthe1

September 2017

Very accurate haha. If this isn't you after leg day, then work harder. Hit me up for any questions, tips, or concerns about how to make more of your time on leg day. I'm always here to help. #1stphormathletesearch #wedothework #bethe1 #iamthe1

September 2017

Sometimes sitting around waiting for an opportunity is the worst thing you can do. But then again, sometimes that opportunity smacks you across the face and you have that "oh shit" moment. That moment when you realize this is exactly what you want out of life, but you know your not quite in position to take advantage if this opportunity. You don't need to tell everybody you stumbled upon something this great. Just go out and get it, let your actions speak for you. Because once you're there, people will know. Things will start to change for the better, and that stress of working that regular job you hate, will finally be lifted off your shoulders. If you are lucky enough to have this happen to you, you better go out and do whatever you can to achieve it. Because this kind of thing doesn't happen to everybody, it came to you for a reason. Figure out what you need to do, make the necessary sacrifices, and take advantage of this opportunity. Do not hold back, fuck everything else. Nothing matters except this one chance you have to make something of yourself. Get out there, get after it, and treat every day like it's your last. Because you never know, it might be. #iam1stphorm #1stphormathletesearch #bethe1 #iamthe1

September 2017

This weeks #supersetsunday is a really good combination for biceps and triceps. This can be done with one of these cable machines, a cable crossover machine, and if you want to use dumb bells that works too. You just won't get the same angle on the biceps. But I really like this exercise combination because of how easy the transition is. It requires no setting up between exercises, so this really is a great superset. The first exercise is a cable bicep curl. If you perform this right, its a great way to target the entire biceps, and also really build that biceps peak. The way I do this is with a slight forward lean, keep my elbow behind my body, and focus on bringing your wrists up to your shoulders. Once at the top, get a good squeeze and hold for 1-2 seconds. I promise you will feel a really good burn if you use this technique. The second is just a simple cable over head triceps extension. I like this variation because I feel like it targets the lateral tricep head very well. Which can be difficult with regular push downs. So next time you train arms, give this exercise a shot and let me know what you think. #1stphormathletesearch #iam1stphorm #wedothework #bethe1 #iamthe1

September 2017

What are your biggest fears in life? Do you fear physical things like spiders or clowns? Or do you fear things like death or prison? While those are all common things a lot of people fear, I think my greatest fear, is getting comfortable. Not the physical meaning of comfortable like laying in bed, but being comfortable with a boring ass life stuck in a job I hate. . I know I'm not the only one. I have very high expectations of myself, and I think thats how everyone should be. I mean why can't I achieve great things, because I don't have a college degree? Well I'm here to say F that 🖕🏻. Because I know if I dedicate myself and put the work in, I am capable of anything I set my mind to. I will not settle for less and I will never stop working. They say it's easy fo get to the top, but staying there is the hardest thing you will ever do. . Nothing motivates me like the fact that I'm not yet where I want to be. I know it's not going to be easy, and it may take longer than I want, but with no sacrifice there is no reward. So here's to the future, I expect great things. . Double tap if you're coming with me. I'll see you at the top. #iam1stphorm #wedothework #1stphormathletesearch #bethe1 #iamthe1

September 2017

Decide what you want out of life. I know what I want, do you? . Commit yourself to getting it, and #neversettle for less. It's ok if you're not yet where you want to be in life. But if you aren't taking the necessary steps to acheive it, then you must not want it enough. Figure out where you've been going wrong, and correct it. . Succeed, when you make it don't stop. Learn from those who were there before you, and figure out what else you could be doing. They say getting to the top is easy, staying there is the hard part. #iam1stphorm #wedothework #1stphormathletesearch #bethe1 #iamthe1

September 2017

Chef Alex Ramsay back at it again in the kitchen this morning. Cooked up a mean ass breakfast to start the day. An omlete wuth red peppers, red onions and jalapenos. Then some turkey bacon and Fairlife chocolate milk🔥🔥. Food is fuel and the best time to fuel up is first thing in the morning. So don't sleep on breakfast. #masterchef #ironchef

September 2017


September 2017

When you've been working out for a while, it's extremely important to change up your routine to keep your body guessing, and to keep your muscles growing. But sometimes we might put to much thought into "changing" things up and end up either doing more harm than good, or not changing at all. Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest differences. So here's a couple good tips that I recently picked up on for chest day. Two extremely simple things that I think people at all levels of fitness can benefit from. . The first is dumb bell bench press with a supinated (palms facing up ) grip. Or reverse grip dumb bell bench. This requires a good amount of focus because it's harder than it looks to keep this grip. But focus is good because this really increases the mind to muscle factor. . The second is something you do in between sets to increase your pump and blood flow, which in turn can increase size and strength. Press your hands together and flex your chest. Really focus on a good squeeze here. I swear this minor tweak makes a difference. Like Arnold said the best thing to do between sets is flex. So next time you train chest give these two things a try and let me know what you think. #neversettle #lifetimefitness

August 2017

Waking up at wonderful hour of 4am to go train heavy back/ biceps like a complete savage. Double tap if you're savage enough to wake up this early and go train with me. #4am #WhereTheSavagesComeOutToPlay #LionsTigersandSavages #neversettle

August 2017

Just finished training what used to be known as my legs. If you can't relate to this picture after leg day, you might be doing something wrong. Come train legs with me and I gurantee I will fix that problem. #legs #lifetimefitness

August 2017

Yo peep this. Here's a good demonstration of a #compoundset if you're really trying to light your legs on fire. Really it's just two variations of a hack squat. . The first is just a standard hack squat. I like to place my feet closer to the top of the platform and point my toes out. This puts alot of emphasis on your quads and really focuses on that tear drop looking muscle. The further down you squat the more you will feel the burn. . Then second, turn around and face the back pad and hit your reps. I won't lie it's definitely a bit uncomfortable because your face is all in the pad, but this really gets your heart pumping and is an easy way to add some intensity to your leg work out. I have been doing this excercise second in my routine after I go heavy on leg press or squats. Give this a try and I gurantee you will break a good sweat.

August 2017

This is an extremely accurate representation of me tonight after what might be the most savage leg session of my life. #neversettle #wobblylegs

August 2017

The return or #supersetsunday Again two extremely simple exercises combined into one, guranteed to take your work out up a notch. If you have been lifting for a long time you've probably done these two exercises before, but have you paired them together? . The first exercise is a simple rope tricep extension. Take the rope and "firmly grasp it in your hands" I find it much easier to control this way. I suggest you use a lower weight as always, so that you can get a good squeeze at the full extension. Kind of flip your hands out at the bottom to put extra emphasis on the tricep and get a good squeeze, then slowly return to the top and repeat. . The second is one of my favorite bicep excercises. I feel this one isn't much of a size builder, but more of a shaping exercise. So this single exercise can also work as a great "finisher" if thats your kind of thing. But anyways, I found gripping the rope with my thumbs on top is much better for me because if not, the end puts alot of uncomfortable pressure on my thumbs. So anyway, keep around the same weight, and lift the weight fast, then lower the weight slowly. When you curl the weight to the top, basically try flexing your bicep while you hold it for 1-2 seconds and you will feel a really good burn, then slowly return to the bottom and repeat. So next time you're working in triceps and biceps, give this one a try and let me know what you think.

July 2017

There are two things that really instigate muscular hypertrophy (muscle growth ). The quality of you're exercise movement, and time under tension. Time under tension is something I have really been experimenting with the last 2-3 weeks. And trust me this is a great way to add intensity to your work outs, and to also save a lot of time. Usually when you're working out, my guess is that your rest periods are no shorter than a minute. I don't blame you because up until recently, I was doing the same thing. But there are no rules to how long you should rest, just suggestions. You can't be afraid to do something different. "Train insane, or remain the same" . As shown in this video, I've been resting for 15-20 seconds in between sets. Also I'm not counting the number of sets, I'm doing each exercise for a total of 4 minutes with minimal rest in between. Getting somewhere between 40-50 reps within a 4 minute period. This is a great way to take your muscles way past failure, and force them to grow. This style of lifting will give you a whole different level of burn. So give this exercise method a try and let me know what you think. For a better explanation of this method check out @jimstoppani The dudes a genious. #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #lafitness #lafitnesslifestyle

July 2017

#tbt to St. Paddy's Day weekend in Chicago with a couple of the homies.

July 2017

Work: I'm going to need you to come in on the 4th Me:

July 2017

Happy #supersetsunday people. This week is another demonstration of a great push/ pull exercise combination. I thought of this one on the spot and I figured I would give it a try. This one really got my heart beating. . The first exercise is just a standard cable low row. Two things to pay attention to, my grip and the forward and backward motion in my shoulders. When you're doing back exercises, your grip should always be overhand with your thumbs on top. Think of your hands as hooks that hold the weight. This takes a lot of emohasis off your forearms. Second, when doing low rows like this it's important you're not just moving the weight with your arms. A good tip is to try to touch your shoulder blades together as you bring the weight to your body. Focusing on this allows for a good mind to muscle connection. Then slowly let the weight forward and get a good stretch of the muscle before contracting again. Second if you can't bring the handle all the way to your stomach, use less weight. . Second is just your regular dumb bell bench press. This is a pretty simple exercise, but my form looks rather sloppy. Try to keep your hands steady and don't let the weight tilt like my right hand does. This allows for better control of the weight. Also don't clap the weights together at the top, because that can redistribute the tension and loosen your grip resulting in injury. Last thing you wanna do is drop a dumb bell on your head. So next time your training chest and back, give this a try and let me know what you think. #lafitnesslifestyle #lafitness #neversettle

June 2017

I don't know about everybody else, but when I was young one of my favorite breakfast cereals, was Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I just couldn't get enough of those golden squares covered in cinnamon and sugar. It really was taste you could see. Not only was the cereal itself awesome, but damn near the best part was drinking the left over milk when you were done eating. And this shit right here ☝🏻☝🏻, is exactly what that tastes like. @1stphorm really killed it with this flavor of Phormula-1. Not only is this the best quality post work out supplement when you mix it with Ignition, it is without a doubt some of the best tasting (along with some of their other flavors ). I mean when you throw this stuff back like you used to the milk left over in your bowl, it's like being a kid again with no care in the world. So if you're like me you're going to want to try this stuff out. #lafitnesslifestyle #lafitness #neversettle #iam1stphorm Click the link in my bio for post work out stack of pure 90's nostalgia and get free shipping. Plus if you for some reason don't like it, there is a 110% money back gurantee.

June 2017

#supersetmonday back at it this week two simple exercises put together into one. Two complete opposite movements, working agonist muscle groups. This one is all about good form, so use light weight. The first movement is a simple incline dumb bell flye. When performing this exercise you want to keep a slight bend in your arms as you let them back. Then once you get close to the top, straighten them out like you're pressing the weight straight up. Also hold the weights at an angle. So at the top they form sort of an upside down V. This is a tip I picked up on a few years ago. Seems simple but trust me it makes a difference. . The second exercise is an incline dumb bell rear lat raise. I like this variation of the lat raise because it really targets your posterior (rear ) delts. As you can probably tell by the ridiculous faces I make, this movement is kind of challenging, so I encourage using light weight you can control. When doing this exercise, try to go back as far as you can before returning to the starting position and repeat. So next time your training chest and shoulders, give this a try and let me know what you think. Once again shout out to @jimstoppani for this exercise. #lafitnesslifestyle #lafitness #neversettle

June 2017


June 2017

#tbt throwback to the time I was The Legend Chris Kyle for a night.

June 2017

This edition of #supersetsaturday is a great demonstration of opposing movements. Like usual, two pretty standard exercises put together to step your work out game up. . The first movement is just a regular dead lift. I usually like to keep my feet about hip width apart, and place my hands just outside my feet. I'm no expert on this exercise so my advice would be just to practice good form, because I'm not really going for super heavy weight with this superset, just trying to get in a good work out. . The second movement is the ab roll out, and yes, keep the weight that you dead lifted on the bar(I've done this exercise with plates that aren't so round before, it was pretty difficult ). Start with the bar at your knees, then slowly extend forward as far as you can. Then try to use your knees as leverage to contract your abs back to the starting position. The added weight will really set your core on fire. I like this exercise because I feel that it targets the upper, middle, and lower abs. So next time you dead lift, give this a try and let me know what you think. Shout out to the man himself @jimstoppani for the exercise #lafitnesslifestyle #lafitness #supersetsunday #neversettle

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