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"I'm a little bit shy, I'm a little bit right on time" MYHS '20- 🇮🇱 - professional fangirl I like the color green a lot 💚💚💚

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last month

So I lied when I said I don't care, And you lied when you told me you did.

last month


June 2019

Not my wedding but you could still wife me up 💍💍💍

May 2019


April 2019

That's the motherfucking tea

March 2019

Just winging it

March 2019

g a m e o v e r

March 2019

Soccer mom vibes

February 2019

Anti-Everything but I love you

February 2019

3/4 of The Catching members signed this jacket. @jakefarbman wya?

February 2019

There was orange, maybe yellow, definitely green, a blue, navy and dun dun dun. No one else will get that but it doesn't matter. Lowy you and I have been friends for nearly 10 years we just crazy to me because I feel like I've known you all my life. You have been there for me when I need to vent and get everything off my chest and you calm me down when I'm getting anxious about every little thing in the world and I'm so happy that I get to call you one of my closest friends. I hope at these past couple weeks show you that I can be there whenever you need me and I hope you know that you can always rely on me. You are the best Valentine and girl version of @cadenconrique (see what I did there? let's make it 2 for 2 ) that I will ever have and you are my chicken girl for life. Love you lots!!! @elowy13

February 2019

I like green. Green makes me happy. Green and I go well together. I don't like looking blue.

February 2019

Navy used to be my favorite, but now I'm on to find a new shade blue

January 2019


November 2018

So I think that this is the worst picture we could ever take but it's okay. Happy 21st birthday I can't believe it's almost been two years since I met you and I miss you so much you still haven't gotten back to me about when we are going to go grab coffee when you get back to New Jersey but it's fine. I am so proud of you for going out and living your dream with the band and I can't wait to see you guys perform again come back to New York/ New Jersey soon cuz we miss you here! I still can't believe you're 21 happy birthday @holdenglazer !!!!

October 2018


August 2018

When someone says I'm not crazy... Give it a few more minutes

July 2018

Wildin' out

July 2018


July 2018

🎶Boy you really got me hooked on a feeling🎶

July 2018

"o that was ur girl I thought I recognized her" - Drake, BedRock

July 2018

Happy 4th!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💙❤️💙❤️💙

June 2018

I love the person I’ve become because I fought to become her. 💪🏻💙

March 2018


February 2018

💙💙💙💜💜💜First of all be prepared for the aww and how cute thoughts that will be going through your brain while reading this. Second of all if you don't know about my and Lowy's friendship then you are quite possibly be living under a rock. And in the rare chance that you don't know about our friendship then let me tell you a story. In our Karate Dojo Eliana and I met when we decided being the only girls that we were going to fight each other. Each class was a repeated conversation about how we were going to kill each other by tiger fighting. ( and if you don't know what that is it's basically a series of you and another person rolling around together on the floor i.e. no actual fighting ) and then we actually spent eight days on a cruise together going to Florida and the Bahamas and then we kind of lost touch until my best friend's Bat mitzvah and honestly we talked for 5 minutes and then didn't talk to each other again until we got to high school. Eliana let me start off my message to you with saying that I hope you got as many purple and blue Hearts as you wanted. Honestly until Spanish class last year I don't think I've met somebody who is invested celebrity relationships as much as I am. And for that I am so thankful that we met in that dojo. Even though I did not go to the Philly show and meet Hayden and Annie it would not have been the same without you. But mark my words we will meet them whether it takes 40 years we will meet them. So I leave you off with this may you have many more Tiger fights and fun concerts and weird Spanish classes and all the hearts in the world and all the weird Jacob Sartorius dreams that you get to have. And I know it's your birthday so I shouldn't be asking you for something but I do ask that I get to come along with you. So happy Sweet 16 I love you so much!!!! (And one day I will kill you in a tiger fight I'm going to win! ) 💙💙💙💜💜💜

October 2017

" I prefer less makeup " 😑😑 so wear less makeup why does that have anything to do with me

June 2017

Baby you happier you do

June 2017

So when they tell you that blondes have more fun they are lying....The brunette babe is back 👸👸

April 2017

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GISHLU!!! from our freaking out over Blake, Zach, and Holden, to calling each other and crying about boys I am proud to call you my Triska Twin. I hope you have the best birthday ever!! Enjoy being 15 it's going to be your year!! I love you so much!!💙💙😘 💙, Avital

April 2017

I curled and I conqured

February 2017

I was waiting for a butterfly to appear on my nose

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