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3 hours ago

It’s almost that time. I really took this season serious. I dug both feet into every episode like it was my last. Can’t wait to see the twists & turns we got coming for you. No offense @omarihardwickofficial but #TeamTommy is taking you DOWN. This message was brought to you by @josephsikora4 #DoinWhatIDo #Power #GetSome

9 hours ago

I’m gonna leave this right here. Even though I have a love hate relationship with the front office. Make no mistake I’m diehard. I’ll be in Seattle week 1. @cliffavril get ready our dinner bet is on and popping!!! #WhoDey #SkylineMeetsStarbucks #GetSome


One my favorite ppl on IG is @zachking his videos always freak me out. But when they pop up on my timeline I know they are gonna be good. #HowDoesHeDoIt #Tricky #GetSome


1 week from today August 30th I’m at the Horseshoe Casino in Tunica/Robinsville/Memphis. Not exactly what city the casino is in but it’s near Memphis & in Mississippi lol. Go to for tix info. #Horseshoe #MemphisKinda #GetSome

2 days ago

For #tbt here is my first grade class picture. I’ll see if you guys can figure out which kid is me. What I just realized my 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grade teachers were all black women. Could that be what lit my fire? #TheCollar #TheVest #GetSome

3 days ago

Wanted to give a shoutout to @formulasanjose & @ant_woodz for all the vitamins & supplements to keep me healthy while I’m on the road. If your in Northern Cali look them up!!! That Malu Splash is my favorite flavor. It tastes like Hawaii. Thanks @marcus7malufitness for the recommendation. #FakeIntensity #IWasFlexing #GetSome

4 days ago

This made me 😂😂😂😂😂. It’s so true. Shout out to @delgado_joseysboy for the meme. #OwenNoS #BlackPplLoveTheLetterS #GetSome

5 days ago

I don’t know why @officialmichaeljai was trying to test me. He needs to calm down. @suddendeath shaping up to be an action packed banger. With a little bit of funny thanks to the head custodian GUS. @djclassicz even told Mike “Gary is on your side your not supposed to fight him”. #SuddenDeathMovie #JessieAndGus #GetSome

6 days ago

I used to hate @natediaz209 but now I love this dude. After this response it just confirmed why I love to see him fight but I love his post fights interviews more. #NateDiaz #Stockton #GetSome

1 weeks ago

My man @mjhollywood1 sent this to me. This was my 1st time on TV. I remember this joke came from when I met this girl that went to Gallaudet University in DC. She was deaf & we went out on a few dates. I used to tell her I was going to be comedian. She could hoop her ass off. I think played basketball more then then anything else when we saw each other. #Comicview #YoungAsShit #GetSome

1 weeks ago

This a #fbf for real. I was 18 years old in the US NAVY Presidential Honor Guard in Washington DC. These dudes would always have music blaring in the barracks and drinking 40’s on the weekends. So instead of getting mad I knocked on their door & joined them. I never paid for one 40. They had the bathtub full of ice an had that thing filled up Malt Liquor. Not gonna lie malt Liquor is kinda nasty but when it’s free it goes down smooth. #NavyDays #DC #GetSome

2 weeks ago

When you get a movie in your 20’s & you get to a new country you wanna find a club when you get there. When you in your 40’s you get excited when you find this place. #Winnipeg #Superstore #GetSome

2 weeks ago

I was walking through Times Square last week I look up & there I am big as shit on a billboard. I dropped to my knees & started crying. Never give up on your dreams. This is a marathon not a sprint. Still in shock!!! #DoinWhatIDo #LookAtGod #GetSome

2 weeks ago

😂 Never take a wrong turn in the Mojave Desert with an asshole and no gas. Clip from the new @GaryOwenPodcast #GetSome EP95. =================== FULL VIDEO @ LISTEN on iTunes/Apple #Podcasts , Google Play, Spotify, or any #podcast app.

2 weeks ago

I got a new comedy special dropping September 7th on @showtime !!! It’s called #DoinWhatIDo it could be the greatest comedy special of all time. Mark your calendars now for September 7th!!! #ItsPerfect #AllTime #GetSome

2 weeks ago

😂 In the middle of a great story when Mother Nature decides to make a guest appearance. Had me pun intended. Clip from the new @GaryOwenPodcast #GetSome EP95. =================== FULL VIDEO @ LISTEN on iTunes/Apple #Podcasts , Google Play, Spotify, or any #podcast app.

2 weeks ago

😂 I ain't jokin when I say, me and pops ain't fighting nobody. Trust! Car doors will be locked. Clip from the latest @GaryOwenPodcast #GetSome EP94 in case you missed it. =================== FULL VIDEO @ LISTEN on iTunes (Apple Podcasts ), Google #Podcasts , or any #podcast app.

2 weeks ago

Photo shoot for my new comedy special #DoinWhatIDo coming to Showtime. This week we going to announce the date but trust it’s real soon. Like really really soon. #NewComedySpecial #Special #GetSome

2 weeks ago

Had to hip my guy @shafferdc to that black cherry. Told him it will change your life. Welcome to that black cherry family Shaffer. #BlackCherryFamily #WeAllWeGot #GetSome

2 weeks ago

Quick trip to NYC. Filmed something really really funny. Nothing like sticking your head out a hotel window just to get a cool looking selfie. #BackToWinnipeg #AyeCanada #GetSome

2 weeks ago

Always good times with @iamterrencej & his crew. If I woulda known TJ was buying dinner I woulda ordered more food. But @frederickwjr & @shafferdc made sure the drinks were on point. #NewYorkNights #BackToWinnipeg #GetSome

2 weeks ago

I feel really safe on set with @officialmichaeljai glad he asked me to bring the funny on @suddendeath We got an action packed bad ass movie on our hands. Spoiler alert I only get my ass kicked twice. Thanks again @djclassicz for the role. #SuddenDeath @UniversalEntertainment #GetSome

3 weeks ago

Here a #tbt my kindergarten picture. Safe to say I have always been photogenic. My hair was combed but they took pics after recess. #SayCheese #PleasantRidgeElementary #GetSome

3 weeks ago

When I do a movie I commit to my character. Even at Starbucks I use my characters name. While I’m in Winnipeg don’t call me Gary, my name is GUS. #SuddenDeath #BadAssJanitor #GetSome

3 weeks ago

I try to be private. But there’s nothing worse then some dude that won’t stop following & filming. @michaelblackson come get your friend. #Jerk #HeAlmostGotGot #GetSome

3 weeks ago

😂 Lessons one lying ass comedian taught me. Clip from the latest @GaryOwenPodcast #GetSome EP93. =================== FULL VIDEO @ LISTEN on iTunes (Apple Podcasts ), Google #Podcasts , or any #podcast app.

3 weeks ago

I don’t know what’s going on in Cleveland. I went to the radio station & every girl was pregnant. Not only that all the girls were due around the Same time. The company Christmas party musta been off the chain!!! #RatedPG #IAmNotTheFather #GetSome

3 weeks ago

I didn’t know I was a sex symbol. Now i know how you feel @themichaelealy @idriselba #DontWashThatHand #SexSymbol #GetSome

3 weeks ago

Congrats to all the NFL Hall Of Fame inductees. I found a diehard Patriots fan to give my tickets too. This lady is surprising her father tonight. Can’t wait to see the speeches. #HOF #CantonNeedsMoreHotels #GetSome

4 weeks ago

Ran into @ginuwine this morning in Cleveland. The radio station had a conference room with lunch and the entire station there to meet Ginuwine. I got a bottled water. Thanks Radio One. #WaterWasntFiji #DidntEvenGetATshirt #GetSome

4 weeks ago

For #tbt taking it back to when I met James Dean in Cocoa Beach, Florida when I was 15yrs old. #DroveFromCincinnati #CarHadNoAirConditioning #GetSome

4 weeks ago

Ppl are really upset about @kingjames being to hyped at his sons game. He’s fucking Lebron James he can do whatever he wants at a basketball game. #HelpTheCoach #KeepDunking #GetSome

4 weeks ago

Cleveland I’m in your city this weekend at the Improv. August 1-4 come get this heat lol. Go to for tix info & showtimes. #Cleveland #OhioPlayer #GetSome

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