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Livin Cool. 🇬🇷

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Rosemary Clooney & Vera-Ellen (dubbed by Trudy Stevens ) performing “Sisters” in White Christmas (1954 ). Rosemary played the older sister even though she was seven years younger than Vera-Ellen. Costume Design by Edith Head. Happy Birthday Rosemary Clooney (May 23, 1928 – June 29, 2002 ).

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Кусочек с моего мк в Челябинске в студии @marikasikharuli ❤️❤️ А совсем скоро, уже 4 июня я буду со своим мастер-классом в Чебоксарах у прекрасной @elena_oseeva_makeup 🌿 Покажу вам актуальные тренды, работу с кожей, расскажу много нюансов колористики и конечно же сделаю веснушки 🌞 Все вопросы можете задать организатору @elena_oseeva_makeup 🍒 #makeupartist #makeuprevolution #becca #makeuptutorial #makeuprevolution #beccacosmetics #modeltest #ctilburymakeup #natashadenona #makeupslaves #makeuplover #makeuponpoint #allmodernmakeup #makeupcollection




2019/05/25 目の前の光景がこんな感じ😆 . #文鳥 #白文鳥 #座布団文鳥


Awesome artwork!!!! Just spectacular!!! 😍😍😍 🎨: @nubianizm #FanArtFriday #Hyperrealism #PencilDrawing @netaporter

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@ritaora in custom @christiancowan

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أسعى دائماً بالحرص على المشاركات الإنسانية والخيرية حول العالم وإنجاح الخير والسعادة على وجوه الجميع دون تميز أو عنصرية لأحد دون الأخر فالجميع عند الله سواسية - @tsai_ingwen @mofa_taiwan @taiwan_tcro_kuwait @qk20 @ku1a @kwbloodbank - I always seek to ensure the humanitarian and charitable contributions around the world and the success of good and happiness on the faces of everyone without distinction or racism to one another, everyone is equal with God - 我一直寻求确保世界各地的人道主义和慈善捐助以及每个人面对的美好和幸福的成功,彼此之间没有区别 或种族主义,每个人都与上帝平等 - मैंने हमेशा दुनिया भर से मानवीय और धर्मार्थ योगदान सुनिश्चित करने की कोशिश की है, साथ ही उन सभी के बीच अंतर या नस्लवाद के बिना हर किसी का सामना करने वाली अच्छी और खुश सफलता, हर कोई भगवान के साथ समान है। #الاعلامي_عبدالكريم_الهندال @ku1a @qk20 - ‎⁧‫ #الكويت ‬⁩ ⁧‫ #عاجل ‬⁩ ⁦‪ #news ‬⁩ ⁦‪ #blood ‬⁩ ⁧‫ #عبدالكريم_الهندال ‬⁩ ⁧‫ #بنك_الدم ‬⁩ ⁦‪ #taiwan ‬⁩ ⁦‪ #Taipei ‬⁩ ⁦‪ #kuwait ‬⁩ ⁧‫ #العمل_التطوعي ‬⁩ ⁧‫ #العمل_الإنساني ‬⁩ ⁦‪ #台湾 ‬⁩ ⁦‪ #血库 ‬⁩ ⁦‪ #blood_bank ‬⁩ ⁦‪ #血_库 ‬⁩ ⁦‪ #提_示 ‬⁩ ⁦‪ #un ‬⁩ #الكويت #مليون_كيس_دم_حول_العالم #kuwait #un #cnn #bbc #رمضان #صحافة #العمل_الخيري #دعاء #العمل_التطوعي #أذكار

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Hey. Did you guys know the @jonasbrothers are back? #billyonthestreet @billyeichner

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💙And that’s a wrap on GIA @euphoria Season 1 🙏🏽Premiers @hbo Sunday, June 16th 💙

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It’s memorial weekend ‼️‼️‼️‼️ SO WHATCHU GRILLING UP DOEEEE 🤤😩🙌🏾👅💦💦💦💦 #blackexcellence #wakenbake #blackownedbusiness #losangeles #homecooking #lachef #laeats #memorialweekend #bbq #grilling

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PROGRESS💪 I went to get my body fat measurements done 6 weeks ago and I went again today to track my progress with @elitesportperformance 🙌 I've gone down from 17% body fat to 12.7% 🎉 I've lost 2.2kg but my fat free mass has gone up🙌 All my measurements have decreased so I'm over the moon🙏 I'm so happy with my progress as I didn't feel like my measurements had gone down but goes to show how good tracking progress is!! Thanks to @arronduffyy for help with my diet and putting up with me constantly moaning about my shape🤦 at least now the results show I have come a long way🙌 I personally avoid going on the scales because muscle weighs more than fat so this way is far more beneficial!! I also take photos most weeks and this is a great way to track progress💪 Bring on Marbella , Parklife & Ibiza☀️

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Kaise lagi pic ???

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The new PM entering Downing Street on June 7th xx

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Throwback to Coachella @elijahbydesign


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most talented, kind & beautiful @kiiara ILY 💖💚

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Thanks God It's Monday 💙 @yachtbohemehotel 🎶🎵 #fethiye #balibeyiletürkiyeturu #mondaysyndrome


Steve mufuggin the kid that did Lacy, U DID THAT! Schteeeve your debut album is innovative honest and resplendent. I feel blessed to witness ur vibrant unfolding let alone be a lil piece of it. (me n Steve recorded a voice memo of us playing guitar and violin one hazy summer afternoon and now u can find it on Apollo XXI 🧚🏽‍♀️ ) oki, love u. 🖤

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True story.

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This (very extra ) hotel wants you to know it’s ready to rock 🎸 The 400-foot tall Hard Rock property in Hollywood, Florida, claims to be the world’s first guitar-shaped hotel and features, as you might have guessed, rock-and-roll elements, including Elvis Presley’s gold-plated piano and a large music venue. The hotel will open this fall, with room bookings starting in July. (📸: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino ) @cnntravel #cnntravel

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SOUTH CAROLINA: I’m headed your way again next week for an education town hall to discuss the critical issues facing our nation. Can’t wait to listen and learn from all of you. Link in bio to RSVP.

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Coke and Henny pt 2 coming soon 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

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Ayeee!!! These beautiful Afro-Colombian kids are a whole MOOD!!!🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿❤ 🎥 @familylocuraoficial ・・・ Heading into the three day weekend like... #FridayFeeling 🎥 @familylocuraoficial Rp @juveeproductions

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Last but not least...you’re all welcome for the mullet. @eltonjohn @bernietaupinofficial @harpersbazaarus it was such an honor to wear these beautiful clothes and pay tribute to the gift that @eltonjohn is to the world! My beloved @bernietaupinofficial wrote a beautiful piece (no surprise ) to go along with this feature. Shout out to the incredible glam team for the best day I can imagine....This is the gayest I’ve ever looked 😂✊🏳️‍🌈 Styling #maryammalakpourstyle #fashion #music #iconsPHOTO @thomaswhiteside HAIR @davidcoxhair MAKEUP @kalikennedy Fashion credits: @albertaferretti @oscardelarenta @annakarinkarlssonofficial @marcjacobs

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🌟Global education.🌟Iranian exhibit on ground floor 🌟🇮🇷 #louvre #paris

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@zoedlawrence kilt this in @gucci for @wearedrome

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Together, we can help create a brighter future for our children.


When Frank Baez was 17, he worked as a hospital janitor at New York University, mopping floors and cleaning patients’ rooms. This week, the 29-year-old got his nursing degree from NYU’s college of nursing. Baez, who came to the US when he was 15, is the first in his family to graduate from college. “It was a lot of work,” Baez said. “It was worth it – it paid off at the end. Here I am, a graduated nurse."(📸: New York University )

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ROSE GOLD VIDEO SLAY 🎥 _ BROWS @benefitscosmetics Precisely My Brow Pencil in number 5 _ EYES @Anastasiabeverlyhills Norvina Palette - Rose Gold on the lid and Morocco in the transition @sleekmakeup Black Zodiac Intense Waterliner - The best Black Liner in my opinion @inglot No 77 Gel Liner Wisp Lashes In Icon _ FACE @embryolisse Lait de Creme Moisturiser @makeupforever foundation @makeuprevolution Concealer in C13 @narsissist Radiant Creamy Concealer in Amande @morphebrushes Bake and Set setting powder in Banana Rich @anastasiabeverlyhills Mahogany Bronzer Powder @anastasiabeverlyhills Dewy Set Spray @fentybeauty Killawatt in Ginger Binge _ LIPS @maccosmetics Chesnut Lipliner @sisiibeauty Lip Creme In Bubblegum _ The Beautiful @raycharlton_ 💋 #brownmelaninmua #brownmelaninmakeup #norvinapalette #nikitabaffour #woccanwearcolour #fabulous_makeupartists #unconventionalmakeup #makeupaddic #darkskinwomen #melaninmakeup #blackgirlmakeup #melaninbeautiesunite #brownmelaninmua #darkskinwomenmakeup #makeupforwomencolour #anastasiabeverlyhills #morphebae #makeupforbrowngirls #melaninmua #beautyandbrushes #abhriviera #londonmua #londonmakeupartist #nipandfab #newvideo #NARSissist #thelist #norvina #anastasiabeverlyhills #sisiibeauty #rosegoldmakeup

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I got to play in this head of hair all day !!! 😍😍😍😍😍 thank you @nexxusnysalon #HairByLacyRedway #nexxushair

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Anyone who knows me knows that I’m absolutely beside myself with joy over this!! I got to dress up as ELTON JOHN my greatest hero of all time for @harpersbazaarus it was such an honor to wear these beautiful clothes and pay tribute to the gift that @eltonjohn is to the world! My beloved @bernietaupinofficial wrote a beautiful piece (no surprise ) to go along with this feature. Shout out to the incredible glam team for the best day I can imagine....This is the gayest I’ve ever looked 😂✊🏳️‍🌈 Styling #maryammalakpourstyle #fashion #music #iconsPHOTO @thomaswhiteside HAIR @davidcoxhair MAKEUP @kalikennedy Fashion credits: @versace @gucci

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As a design student I always said one of my goals was to deisgn a pair of what I called “Jlo shoes”, in my mind this was a fabulous powerful heel worthy of a queen. Now to see @jlo wearing my shoes is a pretty fab moment. Thank you @robzangardi @marielhaenn @guy seppezanotti you’re the best

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Me at all the BBQs this weekend 😩🙌🏾🤤👅💦💦💦💦 cuz you know.... real niggas #HofHofHof WHO COMIN OVAAAA‼️‼️‼️ #blackexcellence #wakenbake #blackownedbusiness #losangeles #homecooking #lachef #memorialday #memorialdayweekend #bbq

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Love me the way I love you

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Ребята❤️ 4 июня состоится мой мастер-класс в Чебоксарах! Осталось совсем немного мест, поэтому поторопитесь 👌🏻 Организатор @elena_oseeva_makeup #макияж #макияжчбоксары #обучениевизажу #вечерниймакияж #визажчебоксары #бровичебоксары #визажистчебоксары


Feeling tense? Head on over to our YouTube Channel for some very noisy and not at all relaxing Bird ASMR

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Waiting for the GoT finale like... *even though I'm 3 seasons behind. Fight me!!* #dont @me #dontstartnothingwontbenothing #bloodbath @nadiajdeen 😑

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Kevin Abstract . . . . . . . . . . . @kevinabstract #kevinabstract #mycalvins #mariosorrenti

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