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🇫🇷 me 😏

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Caution⚠️⚠️⚠️ Send zone ahead! Go Skate day YouTube edit is live! Link in bio🖤


Let's go dada!❤❤ #spoiled

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This group.❤️ Experience #AvengersEndgame again.



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Happy Friday everyone! New upload on my YouTube.com/TrevorNoah 🙌🏾 (Link In Bio ) 🔈 @nathanwalters

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This guy 😍

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I’ve always wanted to narrate a wildlife show! Collaborated @bbcone to tell you an epic tale with some of the most epic footage from the animal kingdom. #bbcone #naturalhistory #bbcearth #bbciplayer

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@roundtwovintageny Tomorrow at 11AM ✌🏼


Happy birthday our mummy! God bless you everyday for us! Thank you for all you do! Praying for good health,long life and happiness! Cc : @tonyoelumelu !! Love forever ! 🙏

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La #Calvicie en muchas ocasiones nos lleva a la #Depresión Y cuando sufrimos depresión solemos perder pelo, haciendo que sea más difícil salir del problema. Si necesita información acerca de nuestros tratamientos, llámenos al 91 123 75 76. #ClinicaCapilar

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Close @morphebrushes #LiquidLipstick matches for @katvondbeauty #EverlastingLiquidLipstick shades! The Morphe formula is more creamy, comfortable and light on the lips - I also find it to be less drying. The #KatVonDBeauty formula is incredibly long lasting but is also pretty dry. I use both on the regular, tbh! *Use affl discount code DUPETHAT to save 10% on morphebrushes.com and inside Morphe stores. 🎉 #morphe #morphebrushes #morphegirl #morpheboy #morphebabe #morphelipstick #morpheliquidlipstick #kvdlook #kvd #katvond #lovecraft #vampira #kvdlolita

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واییی😔😋😓 فالو یادت نره😍 @tabasom cliip

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So excited and honoured to be on the cover of The @hollywoodreporter (article link in bio ) 📷: @alexandragavillet

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MORE @morphebrushes #LiquidLipstick shades ($9 each with 10% off affl discount code DUPETHAT ) vs. @jeffreestarcosmetics #VelourLiquidLipstick shades ($18 each )! See previous post for more. Both formulas are creamy, comfortable and last a long time on the lips.💄 Which is your favie?! #jeffreestar #jeffreestarcosmetics #morphe #morphebrushes #morphegirl #morpheboy #morphebabe #morphelipstick #morpheliquidlipstick


Tomorrow, we head out to shoot for @sealegacy at Wolf and Darwin Islands in the Galapagos archipelago. We now have had a couple of prep days on the Island of San Cristobal. @cristinamittermeier and I decided to test out our cameras on a local dive. The wonderful dive shop said not to expect too much this time of year. They thought we might find a few fish and a couple of turtles. Little did they know that we have been diving in most places around the world and many of those places have seen either a dramatic decline or complete collapse of their marine ecosystems due to mismanagement. They do however, realize the true value of this natural treasure that they are sitting on because the Government had the foresight of protecting complete land and marine ecosystems. On this average dive, we swam through massive clouds of Salema fish, we were greeted by dozens of green sea turtles and even got buzzed by schooling hammerheads. If this is average and next week is supposed to be epic, then I cannot wait to share the results with you. The amazing thing about nature is that it wants to thrive. All we have to do is draw a line around it on a map, respect the laws, follow the rules and voila, nature will take care of the rest. It has been doing it for 4 billion years. #nature #MPA #marineprotectedareas

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A dose of CBD in a toothpick! Now ya'll getting creative @purekana #ad

3 days ago

Can’t wait for tomorrow! Feels so good opening a new Vintage by Round Two store! @roundtwovintageny ✌🏼 Next stop, Chicago!

6 days ago

happy sweet sixteen @teenvogue stay tuned for more in stories from our party in Austin!

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Eroded by strong winds and many hard years, Árbol de Piedra aka the #StoneTree is an iconic formation along the high altitude desert of southwest #Bolivia This piece of rock towers at 22 feet tall, precariously standing in isolation and rooted in the sand. It was nothing short of a sleepless effort to come out here in the remote dead of night but beyond worth it to #lightPaint this unique formation in dead silence under a veil of stars. @jacadatravel @danahrichardson


🛸🛸🛸 @dogceo

4 days ago

When we sin, we miss the mark on living out God’s design and will for the world. ⁣ ⁣ God’s will is that we would love one another, but our world is filled with division & hate.⁣ God’s will is that we would be faithful to our spouses, but we fall into adultery.⁣ God’s will is that we would use our words to build people up, but we gossip.⁣ God’s will is for us to be in relationship with Him, but we continually reject His presence.⁣ ⁣ Every day, Christian or not, we continually miss the mark on executing the will of our wonderful creator. ⁣ ⁣ And when we repent, we turn from the path we were on and we say, “I’m sorry God”. I’m sorry that I’ve contributed to the problems in this world, rather than trying to be part of the solution.⁣ ⁣ And as a loving Father, he holds our hand and gives us grace, leading us into a new and better life. @biancaolthoff @tfhoc ⁣ _____⁣ To watch the rest of this message, “Sin and Repentance”, click the link in our bio.⁣

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Day dreaming in the park w/ @willcornfield


Loving these @spiltmilkeyewear glasses! #VisageVision #153 #365daysofeyewear #glassesoftheday they were sunnies that I popped out and had Rx'd!


به سادگیم به قیافم به تیپم از ۱ تا ۱۰ چه نمره ای میدین؟؟؟ کامنت بذارین برام نظرتونو🤩👇 . #عکس #پست #زیبایی #خوشکل #جگر #طلا #دلار #خوشکلا #دختر #پسر #دنیا #عشق

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That time Sweet P was pumped I brought the belt home but not so pumped on how my face looked. #throwbackthursday #tbt ❤️

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فراموش نكن هميشه با رويا بخوابى و با هدف بيدار بشى▽̸♱


Thank you for an amazing weekend NY🍎 It’s killing me to leave @roundtwovintageny but off to Chicago tonight for @roundtwo_chicago ✌🏼


Explorer @Raewynngrant went on her first hike at 20 years old. It changed her life. As a large carnivore ecologist and National Geographic Fellow, she hopes to “protect wildlife where there are people and people where there are wildlife.” Photo by: @tsalani


Orla do Guaíba ❤️

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Some close @morphebrushes #LiquidLipstick dupes ($9 each when using affl discount code DUPETHAT at checkout ) for @jeffreestarcosmetics #VelourLiquidLipstick shades ($18 each )! Both formulas are SO, SO GOOD! Creamy, comfy and long wearing. Do you wanna see more #jeffreestarcosmetics dupe posts? 🤔 Let a girl know! #jeffreestar #morphe #morphebrushes #morphegirl #morpheboy #morphebabe #morphelipstick #morpheliquidlipstick


Today was my last day serving at Babcock Presbyterian Church. I feel so lucky to have found such a sweet and welcoming group of people who supported me through all the changes that happened in my life recently. I will miss this place. 🖤

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با نوستالژی دهه شصتیا این کارو نکنید لعنتیا😂😂😂


⚜شرکت #دکوراسیون و #ساختمانی مِستِر دِکور . ♨️مجری حرفه ای ترین پروژه های معماری و ساختمانی . مشاوره_رایگان👇 ☎️ 021 22897860 📱 09122601101 . نمونه_کارها👇 @mrdedor_com @mrdedor_com @mrdedor_com @mrdedor_com لذت یک زندگی ایده آل را با تیم مهندسی #مستر_دکور تجربه کنید 👌 @mrdedor_com @mrdedor_com @mrdedor_com 💯 با ما به سبک خودتان تغییر کنید

4 days ago

Proud to have lent my voice to #BraveGirlRising , a short film by @GirlRising & @theIRC about a refugee girl named Nasro fighting for her education. This #WorldRefugeeDay let’s amplify her voice and the voices of millions of refugee girls like her: www.girlrising.org/brave

4 days ago

Go watch @errolchatham & I take over the viceland office! On the viceland youtube or their app


Close to the #summit One week of filming left on my directorial debut #thewatermanmovie 👊🏾

3 days ago

This next track #Potential feat @liluzivert & @youngdolph #DelusionsOfGrandeur



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THIS EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT! For those who are attending, make sure to share your experience on social and tag me!

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