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3 weeks ago

Icelandic winters are so mesmerizing! Hope to return to this amazing country again, soon 😊

3 days ago

Seguimos creciendo, ¡llegamos a los 25k seguidores! Ha sido un gran camino y ustedes son parte de él. 💙🎉 Doble TAP si viste la iluminación de la #TorreBBVA

1 weeks ago

Alexander Calder's monumental mobile in the East Building's Central Court. Paul Matisse, grandson of the French artist Henri Matisse, enlarged Calder's original concept thirty-two times to its present dimensions. Calder—Matisse employed aluminum for this mobile, strengthening its stress points with molybdenum. The buoyant panels appear solid built are actually hollow honeycomb-type structures covered with paper-thin aluminum skins. Although the sculpture's wingspan is just over eighty-five feet across, it weighs only 920 pounds. . As with most of Calder's work, this mobile draws inspiration from organic forms—flower petals, fish fins, bird wings—which enlivens its geometry. The mobile is simpler than many of Calder's earlier, more intricate pieces. The composition opposes two orientations, two silhouettes, and two tones: the triangular, painted red; the upper assembly, by contrast, is all horizontal, roughly wedgelike, and rendered in black except for the largest plane, which is deep ultramarine blue. . Calder selected a position for the mobile that brings its lowest plate into tantalizing proximity with the structure of the East Building: at times, the red tail seems as if it might collide with the building's interior architecture, but the mobile playfully escapes contact (by mere inches ) and continues in slow revolution. When informed during the mobile's construction that size adjustments would be necessary to avoid actual contact, Calder joked, "Personally, I might be in favor of a little rubbing or bumping." When asked to title the National Gallery's object, Calder replied, "You don't name a baby until it is born." Unfortunately, he died one year before the finished mobile was hoisted up to the space-frame roof on Friday, November 18, 1977. Thus he never witnessed the "birth" of his last major commission. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #alexandercalder #alexandercaldermobile #eastbuilding #nationalgalleryofart #washingtondc #visittheusa #artandarchitecture #architecture #architecturephotography #architecturelovers #architectureporn #igersdenmark #travelphotography #travelholic #shotoniphone #iphonography

3 weeks ago



Photographer @travlonghorns 📍 : Grand Teton National Park Tag: #reflectiogram Selected by: @questofivan

4 days ago

// you got no one else, pick yourself up.

2 weeks ago

The Milky Way over Moraine Lake | Photo by @nick_fitzhardinge | ---------------------------------------------------- Selected by: @jsn ptrsn ----------------------------------------------------⭐️Follow our partners!⭐️ @enjoynewfoundland @enjoyoutdoors #morainelake #banff #banffnationalpark #mybanff #alberta #canada #enjoycanada #explorealberta #rockymountains #imagesofcanada #rockies #lake #reflection #milkyway #view #way2ill #fatalframes #theimaged #eclectic_shotz #shotzdelight #earth_shotz #moodygrams #earthfocus #depthsofearth #creativeoptic #astrophotography #stars #sky #longexposure

5 days ago

Postcard from Edinburgh ✨ I was wondering what to post today and found this old photo buried somewhere on my hard drive. Oh, forever in love with this city. It has a way of stealing people’s hearts and hardly ever gives them back 😍


Easy to forget the simplest things #burial #stayandwander #tourdemonterosa

last month

Shhh 🤫

19 hours ago

Words of wisdom.

1 weeks ago

This one. Forever drawing, making, arranging, scribbling ❤️❤️ #concentration #shotoniphone

3 days ago

What’s up guys! I’ve had this thought occur to me lately that I’d like to share with all of you. I often get messages from people asking what gear I shoot with, where I usually shoot, and even WHO I shoot with. Instagram is not only a place to upload photos and videos, but it’s also a community where you can have the opportunity to meet new faces and make new friends! So I figured what the heck! This post is for you guys to NETWORK and to get to know each other a little better: ) Comment where you’re from, what are your passions, and what you enjoy shooting most! I’ll go first: ) My name is Daniel. I am a Toronto based photographer. I love shooting landscapes and cityscapes. Your turn! p.s: this is probably one of the coolest locations I’ve shot at, okay byeee!

2 hours ago

The night sky from a dense rainforest in Brazil. Home to millions of species and billions of trees they store vast amounts of planet-warming carbon dioxide and produce us oxygen. They are the breathing lungs of Earth. As I was on the way home yesterday after a week in Chile, flying over Brazil I was shocked seeing the amount of smoke and forest fires. The massive fires in Amazon that continue for 3 weeks now is more than a sign of climate change. These are not natural wildfires, they were ignited to clear land for ranching and farming. It is a part of a larger man-made deforestation crisis, accelerated by currently dominating far-right governments in South America who favor money-making industries and mines, over most vital natural heritages and the fragile indigenious cultures. With Brazil’s president changed to far-right in the past year there has been 80% more Amazon fires in 2019 than there were last summer. More than 1,330 square miles of Amazon is lost since January.⁣ ⁣ #brazil #amazonrainforest #climatechange #deforestation @natgeoimagecollection

April 2019

If you ever missed it , my YouTube video link is in my bio and yes it’s shit but watch it x

5 days ago

I am one of the luckiest guys on the planet. My "assistant" shot this today on her lunch break. I love you more @melsplace247 #mamatus #wrcb

3 weeks ago

Made it to the ends of the earth with @shortstache 👣 🐾

May 2019

Ah, the eternal optimism of the British Spring bank holiday... the ice cream sellers are out whatever the weather

7 hours ago

25.08.19 @isaac_jero & the team we are pleased to present the artist ⚡️ @mikemikecat ⚡️ ____________________________________ #architecture_minimal_day TAG #architecture_minimal ____________________________________ Founder: @victor_arqmas Team: @isaac_jero @el misaael @mxnu_mx @maarcosky ____________________________________ Visit our partners @arkiromantix @wickedflip @espacioenforma #arkiromantix #wickedflip #espacioenforma ___________________________________ #arquitecturamx #archidaily #archilovers #architecturelovers #arkiminimal #9minimal7 #minimalexperience #rsa_minimal #minimalmood #minimal_lookup #fineart_architecture #diagonal_symmetry #pocket_architecture #KnightTones #Architecture_hunter #archi_unlimited #raw_architecture #arquine

4 weeks ago

Gesto, figura y FORMA Casa Pi Un croqui original de Cazú Zegers #artist #chileanarchitecture #femalearchitect #inspiration #drawing #originaldrawing #beachhouse


Casa en St. Louis Missouri. Proyecto en proceso de Macías Peredo. Visualización Alejandro Arias.

3 days ago

Petit passage derrière l'église Photo prise avec un canon G7X @canonfrance

19 hours ago

I love the Alps for the accessibility... if it’s a desirable area to explore, chances are there’s a cable car that takes you up there. Downside: it’s expensive and more crowded. Camping in the Alps, from what I can tell, is not as common or established as the USA wilderness. Most backpackers stay in the mountain huts. A lot of the areas we went to were not parks, but privately owned land. So to make sure that we were good to camp, we would talk to the nearest hut or house we could find. Sometimes paying them a bit to use their land, but more often, just getting a friendly go ahead to stay the night.

9 hours ago

▫️ rinse .

5 days ago

Bu üçgen evlerde dinlenmek çok hoş. Doğa ile iç içe sessiz. Sabahları hoş kahvaltısı, serinlemek için de hemen yukarıda yer alan havuzu evet biz pek sevdik : ) @kayserkaya ‘yı... Farklı bir tatil deneyimi isteyenlere tavsiyemizdir. #İzmir , #Selçuk 🏕

2 days ago

I started doing embroidery (cause I’m always looking to take granny hobbies to the next level ) and just finished up this little quail. (I named him Quail Earnhardt Jr. Jr. ) I think I’m going to like this hobby. #skbdiy

February 2019

The remaining ice on Utah Lake from last night’s 🔥🔥🔥. #ice #textures #longexposures #sonyA7riii #sony1635gm

4 weeks ago

Casa de vidrio

1 weeks ago

For a chance to win a Smeg FAB5 fridge, head over to @SmegAustralia and vote for this project: LIKE this post on @SmegAustralia ’s feed; COMMENT in ten words or less why it’s your favourite FOLLOW @SmegAutralia on Instagram

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